Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes

Hello today I’m testing out a new hand steamer for clothing and I hate ironing. So this is my last ditch effort to be better at it if this doesn’t work, I’m gonna start hiring out and sending out the shirts to the dry cleaner.

But for now, we’re going to try this handheld garment steamer, it comes with directions are really easy to read they’re very clear.

It gives you different indications such as this is the indicator light, and a steam control button. I found the attachments, this one is a lint remover you put this on to steam and remove lint.

Or I suppose if you had cat hair that would be helpful to steam that off there’s also bristle brush you wanted to brush out your clothing.

And make it nice and fluffy if you had maybe corduroy or some sort of plush whatever that you wanted to steam, or you needed to get some cat hair off something.

Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes

I kind of a cat but my grandmother does. I think this would be helpful because every time I go there. I’m brushing off my clothes, and there’s a little fill cup and this one’s cool this one.

You can make a crease out of you just don’t snap the pants if you’re trying to make a crease line here in here, and you press it together and you can go down to make the crease line.

So this part comes off and this is the flat one for creases. So all these little attachments you can change depending on what your goal is or you can just use the plain steamer part here.

So it says that it heats up in 30 seconds and you take this off, and you fill it up with purified water. Now at our house, we’ve got a reverse osmosis water filtration system so that should do it just fine.

And here it is just open up right here fill up the water tank and then it says that it will work for six to eight minutes. So there’s also a bag here that you can put your steamer in for travel if you’d like to pack it with you.

And then when my husband travels his shirts are terrible for work he flies internationally. So he does have an adapter travel unit that he could plug this into that adapts, it’s like a power strip and it has different attachments on it.

So anything he plugs in and will be safe it also has like a water voltage protector too. So he could bring something like this when he travels that would be helpful.

Sometimes the hotel’s he goes to do not have irons, so I’m gonna try this out on his shirt and that’ll be the second part of the website.

I plugged this in, and the light came on it says that it takes about 30 seconds to be steamy hot. So I just plugged in about five seconds ago.

This little unit right here is where you fill the water it unclips, and there’s a little hole to fill the water, and I clipped it back into place.

I see that there’s little puffs of steam starting to come out here. I don’t know if you can see that you get a little bit closer there’s a little bits of steam starting to form and come out of the top.

Okay so we’re gonna give this the world we’re gonna start steaming, you wanna see how it works as you can see this shirt is very wrinkly, it’s my husband’s dress shirt or work.

And I am NOT a fan of ironing, so here we go when you press the button on the top. You can hear it, check this out wrinkles going away.

This is nice look at this smooth frankly. I can’t believe I’ve never bought something like this before, I hate ironing.

I’m with fans, this would be really good for when he travels because he complains about no matter how good. We pack it the shirts and pants always look terrible even its suit coats look terrible.

And not every hotel has excellent amenities where he’s traveling with ironing boards included. Even when you call down to the front desk.

Check this out look at that nice and smooth. I don’t, I’m gonna try to sleep, this is awesome, this is going to save time. Maybe I won’t have to spend all that money to have the shirts iron your cleaning iron at the dry cleaner, because that could get expensive over time you.

Okay guys, we’ve talked about how to iron wrinkled clothes, and now I’m going to tell you how to pack clothes into a suitcase without wrinkles.

I wanted to show you you some tips on how I pack my bag. Suitcase for my travel.

So the clothes will not crease too much in it, and how I pack it so I have quite a lot of space in it. So I can put mostly everything I want to take with me.

Okay guys so here is the suitcase, so first of all I wanna start with is just to show you quickly that. I really prefer suitcases which I call share suitcases.

Because they do actually protect your clothes, and your belongings really you, take with you really nicely and I usually choose a quite big size will depend.

The child airline they also kind of stunt standard ones but that they throw that quite a big one. So what I do usually so it’s you know with two was traveling is usually mean my husband, and we have two beds between us.

So usually I pack one bed for me and one that my husband separately but this website will show you how, I pack I will be back and in like one just two is an example.

So in here you can see there’s usually two parts of all this kinda suitcases because because I have wheels. The one side is like really smooth.

And this tight I used to pack the clothes and the other side has this let you know how you call Amazon, where the handle is this what you have for.

This piece that’s why this part I usually keep like to put shoes, and mythix like twin dresses, and you know like and everything else.

So they’re just like small bits and parts, and it’s really good to this side to use it for that because this kind of things they hold like your boxes for example, I put like shoes or anything in the boot usually.

I keep my shoes in the boxes, and voila cup it could be a photo shoot they can go in one box, and you see if you put them like this.

And like something middle like swim dress for example here it doesn’t move so it will not squash it win. So that’s why I like to use this part for just like little stuff.

But the clothes is this part. So what we do are dreams or something of course the main thing is to pack it it’s you had to put it like this way.

So just like straight, and I the whole length so I wouldn’t crease too much, if you put like trousers you do it exactly. The same so you try to put it all together like that so just like the main kind of things.

So it would be like this and what I do I put it the other way, so where the belt is it would be one side this one trouser jeans and the belt would be on the other side.

And so I put it on the whole length, and I Christa tract and right at the end. So if it will crease off to us it would be very easy to iron this because it’s just a little bit.

But I do that way is because you know if you move the foot in like let’s say that way. That the bells will be one top of each other they’ll take a lot of space.

That’s why you don’t want to do is you have to do it the other way around. So they will not let’s say conflict with each other, so how to pack a a short.

I want to say that it is better if you take like the clothes which do not crease a lot like for example I bought some shirts for my husband.

And they’re like this material fabric which is doesn’t need to be ironed you see this kind of type you just wash it and dry it and that’s it it’s really.

So there is no problem with like packing something like this because it’s already creased, and it doesn’t need to be ironed but not always you can have.

This type of clothes with you right, you want something different like for example you want to take a short review, and what we do is done also.

I’ll try to put it like the whole length, and the call is very important. So just do the button like this and make sure that the fall is like, like you can see it’s like that.

So it will not don’t, crease it too much so we put it like right. Straight and trying to like keep it right at the end, you can see how straight it’s here in.

And also we are doing it like like this. So trying to keep it like very very straight, and just the end which I also a crease a little bit because the end is going to be very easy to iron if it will get Chris.

But all the other things you see it’s all on here is lie down like really nicely, and now the sleeves very important. So we also stretch them and put them like that one side and the other side.

So here you go you see, it will roll this is the profit for the shirts to do it that way. And the next shot if you’re going to put it on well I’ll show you on this one.

But you do it again the other way around, so the next call the next shot is going to be on the other side again. So you’ll doing them like this because again it says the space if you put it like that.

Then the caller will be on top of the call, and I will take a lot of space, and you’re going to have like everything else around it empty.

You don’t want to do that, next for example we want to put our sweaters right. How to put the sweaters again. I am like putting it like right straight using the whole length and just put the end of it.

And what I’m doing with the sleeves on this one, it’s not like a short we put it right at the sides of our suitcase from one side and the other side.

So that way you see here in the middle you have more space again, and you are using the space on four in the corners. We’ve got that one, we are doing with the second deck next one we’re doing the other way around again.

Because this one has an alcohol like that, so exactly the same I’m using the I’m putting the sleeves that way, and again you can see the still lot of space.

So it’s all flat very very flat, that’s why way you will get lots of space and the cloves will not crease. Almost of a lot Chris, I tell by the word and I don’t really like I and believe me.

So that’s why I use this method and this is really well for clothes not to be too Chris, and in the dresses so you just put a dress.

And of course it will not all fit into the suitcase so you look if there is a like waist here you see. so this is where we are going to crease it again like that.

So you see so it will not crease more because it’s right I’m folding it, and say where the line is already exist so it will make it less crease.

So it will be really less tangled, and it won’t go according to plan.

Okay guys, I hope the information from me about clothes can be an inspiration and become an addition to science for all of you.

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