Women’s Clothing Catalogs List

How is everyone! Thank you for coming back for website. I’m going to share with you my top 5 women clothing items to sell on eBay, I took a little poll on my Facebook group of 25,000 eBay sellers.

Women’s Clothing Catalogs List

So I could see what people want and I had the overwhelming majority wanted website about what to sell, and then the second-place topic was the right way to do a BAE which I’m thrilled that you want to know this because I’ve been doing eBay a long time.

The rules constantly change and I am a stickler for the rules. I’ve always tried to do it the right way following eBay policies not doing creative work arounds and that type of thing, because I don’t want to get suspended and I don’t want you to either the third place choice was tutorials how to do things so I’m going to be focusing on those three types of website going forward.

So my top 5 women clothing items to sell on ebay and there’s a cocktail of things that make up my top 5, when you see articles on how to do eBay and people are saying you know the best brands to sell there’s some qualifications you need to know.

Before you make that list for yourself, first of all can you even find these things in your area. You know obviously the super high-end designer stuff is going to sell for the most. But if you’re living in a more rural area and you’re not near a city, and you’re not in a real cosmopolitan area where you have a lot of wealth or a lot of these high-end brands showing up in your thrift stores you can’t sell those items.

So it’s got to be something you can actually find and it’s got to be something you can, actually afford to buy at the price that’s being offered and flip for a good-enough profit.

So I know some of you live in areas where thrift store prices are very expensive, and that’s a problem for you is figuring out what you can buy at the price in your thrift store to actually flip for enough money to make it worth your time.

So you’ve got to take all that into consideration when you’re making up your own top 5 lists, so these are my top 5 because they are findable at least in my area and in other areas I’ve shopped.

In so it this is not something that’s So elusive. You’re never going to find it and they’re steady sellers, I’ve been selling these items through my entire obey career starting in 2003.

These are just things I automatically look for whenever I’m out so they are proven to work for me, also they are wardrobe staples this they’re not. The trends that come and go they have stood the test of time, so they’re not a flash in the pan kind of fad these are good solid items that sell all the time for a decent price.

So the first item is the classic black Irish linen dress, brands like Talbots Jay Jill Ralph Lauren even Coldwater Creek. Whenever I see this I get it if it follows falls into my criteria for something to buy to resell as far as the price.

Black is the one that sells the best for me. I do find these in other colors but black is the steady seller for me they’re usually lined they have a back or a side zip, so make sure you check that zipper before you buy it 100% Irish linen does the best.

I’m not saying don’t buy other you know just regular linen. But this is the cream of the crop type of linen to sell and the length is either knee or mid calf usually, this sells year-round people go on beach trips they go on cruises they live in a warm climate.

So you’ve got to get past the fact of this is the summer dress I can’t list it in the winter, if you have it listed it will sell.

I pay $3 or less for this type of item the average sale price is $35 if you find it in extra-large or 1x or higher a bigger size than that you make it more than that.

So larger sizes always do well for me, but I won’t leave a size 2 behind either. So if you if it is the summer style that’s sleeveless there I’ve also seen these in cap sleeve and short sleeve.

Lists it year round people and other, other climates will buy it and if you ship international it’s the opposite seasons on the other side of the world. So it doesn’t matter where what the climate is where you are you don’t know where your buyer lives you don’t know their situation.

So if you have it listed, the next item is the classic camel-hair blazer. Any brand does well obviously you’re higher in brands like Ralph Lauren and maybe even Ann Taylor will sell for a little bit more because it’s a more established brand.

But what people are looking for here is the 100% camel hair, they usually are lined this even cells with small moth holes moth trails which I’ll show you in a minute missing buttons small tears in the lining small things that can be repaired.

So if it’s cheap enough give it a try even with a defect,I will pay up to six dollars for these and they sell around 40. This is a moth trail you can see it’s not quite a hole all the way through the fabric.

But you can see where the moth just kind of made its way along, eating the fabric and left a little trail behind when you see these on your camel-hair blazers you want to include a picture of that.

So your buyer will know it’s on there it’s not going to prohibit from selling, because people that wear these they have their dressy camel-hair they have their casual camel hair and this is a exquisite fabric that’s very expensive.

So don’t let a few defects stop you from selling it. Okay,the next item is the 100% cashmere sweater with the Argyle pattern on the front and the best colors for me are pink and black combinations.

And then is a black sweater with the pink and grey argyle pattern, I will pay up to three dollars for these and they sell for around thirty.

Ship these international cashmere is a highly sought after fabric all over the world it’s very expensive to make. I will do a website on that, in the future just for an FYI but it’s very expensive to make, that’s why it’s it sells for a lot.

So when you see these with an argyle pattern pick those up. Another one, is the zip off hiking pant these are so easy to spot on the racks when you’re walking down the racks at the thrift store you can just look and you will see the zippers.

So they’re they’re pretty easy to see on the rack and pick out, good brands here are REI Columbia Mountain Hardware North Face any of those outdoor brands the pants zip off to make shorts.

I’ll pay up to three dollars for these and they sell for around 30 make sure those zippers work, sometimes that’s the reason they’ve been given away is because the zippers are jammed, so check that before you buy it and the next item the last item is plus Size swimwear.

I look for brands like LL Bean Lands End a miracle suit, you want the ones that have the tummy panel like the shape on the inside. But what’s done well for me are the wrap Styles like this model is wearing here swim dresses and separates you can sell the skirts and the top separately.

And I do that all the time and they sell well because most people are a different size on top than they are on the bottom whether you’re plus-sized or not, and I’m so glad stores have finally started selling swimwear as separate pieces because nobody most people,are different size on the top and the bottom.

So I will pay up to three dollars for these the average sale price is thirty, and again sell these year-round and ship internationally. Swimwear is worn year-round even in cold climates we’ve got the water aerobics and you know all these classes in the water now we’ve got the baby boomers who are getting up there.

Sorry but it’s true and I’m not that far behind, but there’s a lot of there’s more exercise classes that are in the pool. So this is very attractive to people whose joints hurt or who have other issues that, don’t you know don’t like jogging don’t want to go running or walking it’s it’s hard and it’s painful.

So they are doing the water classes at the YMCA the gym wherever so, it’s hard to find a bathing suit in the middle of January.

And another thing that happens is families go on cruises. That’s the Christmas gift to the family is we’re going to go on a cruise in January and where are you going to find a bathing suit if you live in Minnesota or Iowa.

Or you know somewhere that it’s, freezing cold in the winter. It’s hard to find a bathing suit locally, so people come to eBay for that.

So just keep that in mind that swimwear is not just for laying on the beach, it’s indoor activities and indoor pools and for traveling and then for people who actually live at the beach.

It may be hard to find even in Florida some of the stores don’t have swimwear in the wintertime, so if you have not tried selling swimwear year-round keep an eye out for it pick it up when you see it and give that a try.

And besides you choose clothes, you also have to pay attention to the size of your clothes why? Consider this. From 1958 to 2011 the smallest standardized women clothing size in the u.s. dropped from an 8 to a double-0.

Most recently j.crew introduced a new women clothing size, the triple zero pretty much ever since the 1920s and 30s when women transitioned away from making their own clothes at home are going to seamstresses women ready-made clothing sizes have a long confounded the female shopper.

Then women clothing sizes were based off the ideal hourglass shape of a 36 inch bust 26 inch waist and 36 inch hips take for instance, this 1927 quote from a New York Times article about women frustration with clothing sizes now.

I don’t know who its mythical size 36s who forms the basis of clothing, but average tall short thin and plump women come into the department store and a size 36 bits of none of them.

Jeepers Creepers!

We were talking about this, way back then which is crazy right if you fast forward to today women clothing sizes have arguably gotten even more confounding. A recent study which looked at a thousand different pairs of size 4 pants and found as much as an 8 and a half inch waist differential between them case in point two pair of jeans.

I don’t know who its mythical size 36s who forms the basis of clothing, but average tall short thin and plump women come into the department store and a size 36 bits of none of them.

Jeepers Creepers!

We were talking about this, way back then which is crazy right. If you fast forward to today women clothing sizes have arguably gotten even more confounding. A recent study which looked at a thousand different pairs of size 4 pants and found as much as an 8 and a half inch waist differential between them.

Case in point two pair of jeans I have that are from the same store are the same style and the same size, and yet are not the same size.

Which is why these fit me a whole lot better than these, this is not to say that women frustration over inconsistent clothing sizes has been ignored in the late 1940s. The US government funded the very first large-scale scientific study of women body measurements in an effort to develop standardized women clothing sizes.

Employees with a national bureau of home economics went around the country collecting 59 different measurements, among 15,000 different volunteers to collect a giant data pool that was then handed over to the National Bureau of Standards to develop these clothing sizes, but there were a couple of major methodological problems with that sample population.

First of all any non-white women who participated and their results were thrown out, second the study participants tended to be poorer and thus bag then skewed more under way than the average woman ultimately the clothing sizes that were developed skewed more towards thin and white women.

So in 1983 the Commerce Department finally just threw out the commercial standards for women apparel sizing, as all of that is going on the average American female body is getting larger.

How to clothing companies respond with so-called vanity sizing, a size 8 by today’s standards corresponds to a size fourteen or sixteen by 1958 standards brands are keeping the size is the same but just making the corresponding clothes larger.

This has been increasing exponentially in recent years to where in 1995 what was a four or a six is now a two, while some clothing brands come under fire for this there are also experts who say vanity sizing is but a myth.

By their logic all companies are doing are trying to make clothes to fit their average and growing or in j-cruise case with their size triple zero jeans shrinking customer base, a lot of times the size of a size is going to depend on the price of the clothes in the store.

Lower end retailers tend to have larger sizes whereas higher end retailers tend to have the smaller sizes, a size 8 at an Old Navy is going to be larger than a size 8 at the gap which is going to be larger than a size 8 at Banana Republic even though all of those stores are owned by the same company.

Standardizing women clothing sizes they argue would actually make things worse for the female shopper, as maddening as it can be to find a store or a brand that fits you, forcing all brands in all stores to carry one set of sizes would actually not take into account all of the various body types that women possess.

Which really at the heart of it is the reason why clothing sizes for women are so maddening ultimately, it isn’t so much the sizing problem but really the fit of the clothes that makes it so hard to find a pair of jeans.

Goodbye guys!

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