Veteran Owned Clothing Companies

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Your boy busy back at you in a website, this is a question I get asked a lot and rejoice this is some brand advice. So the question is, what blank t-shirts should you use? When you first start out now, you know you could have stuff custom-made overseas you have self custom made here.

Veteran Owned Clothing Companies

You can do the whole nine yards but, when you first start out you’re not gonna have money like that. And I think what you should do is consider you know kind of the base level brands I’m going to tell you, about maybe like four of them you have.

Gildan you have Hanes you have let’s say next-level apparel and then you have Toltecs right. Okay soI don’t care how cheap, it is I don’t care if it’s 75 cents for a t-shirt. They’re the crappiest shirts I’ve I’ve examined Hanes like they’re most expensive ones and I’ve examined their cheapest ones and they’re all crap.

Every single hain’t shirt on earth says I don’t care if they say it’s premium poop. Then you have the next, Dookie up the ladder and as Toltecs a lot of screen printers are they use Toltecs to advertise they’re like 300 t-shirts for $300 one color print.

Those are crap – man like these are just shirts for printing companies to have like crazy margins you know what I mean they’ll get them dirt cheap like less than a dollar, and then they’ll print on them and then give them to you for three dollars and you’re like wow bro, I’m printing shirts for three dollars I’m gonna sell them for twenty bucks and make 17 dollars I’m fitting to be rich.

But like really all that does if you sell one of those shirts and your customer gets it they wash it it’s trash. You got to throw that in the garbage, the neck gets all droopy and bacony look at my shirt this sit and flush.

When I put my arm down my sleeve doesn’t poke out not been hitting the gym,its fitted you know it looks good on me. That’s how you want your shirts to be you know like, basically when you sell a brand to somebody you want your product to be your customers favorite thing.

Like why send them crap like okay so you might make a good margin but that’s the only margin you’re gonna make off that person they’re not gonna want to order another shirt off for you.

So stay away from Toltecs stay away from Hanes and now care if it’s like, Hanes premium Toltecs comb cotton it’s all junk mess stay away from that. Okay, then you have Gildan and Gildan is like half a half right you have the heavy blend which is junk you have the heavy blend which is junk.

You have the ultra cotton which is it’s okay and then you have the soft styles, which in my opinion is the best shirt you can use when starting a new brand Gildan.Soft style 64000 they’re very soft they’re very luxurious.

These are tank tops turning the t-shirts i got boss in my life complaining, go eat your breakfast dog, their dinner its latest book here. Gildan soft style they’re they’re a little bit more than like one compared to a Hanes there are a lot a bit more but, they’re a good price just to make a good amount of money but your customers will love them.

Yeah III still use them here there because they have some really cool colors in the soft style that I can’t get from other companies.But,yeah for a starting brand that’s probably the best one you could get now there’s another company,they’re relatively new and they pretty much specialize in actually forget next level.

There’s a it’s a brand called district made not next level. The this brand called district made and they make a lot of really cool products but they’re pricey, they’re a lot more than Gildan soft styles.

But if you really want that that brand that’s gonna, when your customers over that’s going to convince them like wow I’ve really loved this go with district mate. They have a bunch of different styles they were bunch a different blend of t-shirts they have a bunch of different t-shirt models.

So if you have a wholesale account or if you go through a printer you should tell your printer. Like hey can you send me like a district made PDF catalog, they should have an account with them or have an account with a distributor that sells district made.

But in my opinion that’s like literally the best brand for brand companies. Like this, if you have money like if you’re starting a brand new you have like quite a bit saved up I would say go with them, they have camouflage prints tie-dye prints like really interesting blends like tri blends quad blends 50/50 100% cotton.

But look it up man like but for the first starting brand guys, start with Gilda and soft styles don’t don’t do anything else. You know if you can’t if you can’t afford Gilda and self stylist run a Palmcorder so your customers can buy ahead of time so you have some money going.

If you can’t preorder presale shirts like, if you can’t presale 10 shirts don’t even start a brand in a first place. Other than that guys you know that’s that’s my little two cents for the day you know if you got more questions.

Okay guys I think I’ve talked a lot about brands, and now I will tell you what programs are used to make illustrations and graphs in the clothing industry.

Photoshop and illustrator, now those are the two major programs that you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on to start designing graphics or start concept in illustrations. And I’m going to cover the two major differences between those two so you can understand a little bit about.

How they work and how they differ from one another but more importantly you are able to get those two programs for a very low price, somewhat starting at like ten bucks through the links in the description.

I think they also have a free trial going on so you can definitely get your hands on them and start using them. But, regardless we’re going to jump right into what the major differences are between the two so you can make the best decision to move forward.

So as I said Photoshop and illustrator are the biggest programs that you should definitely get your hands on, when they first came out and I think there’s still some versions out there they’re like 600 to 700 dollars a piece.

But what Adobe did is they actually created this thing called like the Creative Cloud and now you’re able to access those programs for as little as like ten dollars a month, If your student.

So if you have any kind of student ID or anything like that, they definitely allow you to have the programs for a very low price. And it’s definitely worth it, and obviously throughout high school and Darach college there was those illustrating graphic classes that like not a lot of us went to.

So if you’re in high school or in college I highly recommend you take one of those classes, because it will give you a leg up when it comes to doing some of the graphic work that you need to get done.

I learned on my own and just kind of like messing around with things seeing what people were doing kind of sitting down with a few graphic artists, and learning the tools and over the years.

And you kind of get to develop a little bit of a know-how as to how to do some basic things, so I highly recommend that if you are starting out a class would definitely help I’m, pretty sure there’s classes on it as well online and if there is I’ll link them down here as.

Well so you guys will definitely get to know and subscribe maybe for like a couple bucks I know that they have them on udemy and stuff, so I’ll link a few down here for you guys.

Now aside from Photoshop and illustrator there are other design programs that focus strictly on the fashion design industry, now a lot of these programs are like offered at colleges or like those those very technical fashion design schools.

They’re also around online, so they range from a couple hundred bucks to a couple thousand. now the advantages to using those kind of programs is that they really focus on apparel design.

So everything that they created is made to make life easier in designing what you want and what you’re envisioning, so those are the major advantages with that some of the disadvantages are that it’s kind of focused just on the fashion side.

So if you wanted to do anything like as far as marketing wise or any type of graphics and might be a little bit more, you might need to end up getting Photoshop or illustrator anyways.

So for that reason we’re going to move forward with those two in this website review, and the first one we’re going to go into is illustrator.

Now illustrator is a tool that if you think about it if we’re going to think about it in terms of what it relates to in real life illustrator is the pen or pencil of your paper, you know like it’s going to be anything that you can do.

So it’s anything that has lines available anything that has very sharp lines or if you’re mocking up product designs, you’re able to fill in shades you’re able to fill in the details almost as if you’re hand drawing things.

And it makes it a lot easier to just transfer your drawings to the computer which allows you to also call out specifications when you’re going to the manufacturing side, so illustrator is definitely more along the lines of creating your product imagery so products can be made.

And it’s really used for a lot of the specification call-outs like I just mentioned, you’re able to call out certain seams so like if you want a bag to have a certain dimension or a certain type of stitch there or certain fold like you could.

Call it out in that tech pack and at in a specification sheet and then, the person that’s making your product will be able to reference It instead of like referencing a bunch of pencil marks and like not really being able to organize it or not being able to translate it based on your handwriting.

Illustrator makes very easy for you to communicate with suppliers and manufacturers to get your products made, that is definitely the biggest strong point is in the illustration of graphics anything that’s hard lines or anything that’s made to represent a product is definitely going to be illustrator.

It has all the tools to really go in there and go in detail and manipulate things and really, get your point across as to what you’re trying to make now it’s also great for logos.

A lot of people design logos through that because of that same reason, it allows them to sketch it out to kind of mock things up you shapes to manipulate them and overall create the aesthetics that they’re looking for.

so for that reason illustrator is a great program for anybody that’s into the, art fields more into the art field our sites and that wants to get some of the some of the specification sheets and tech tags and all the and all the stuff that requires information to be passed on to somebody visually illustrator is going to be the tool for you to get that stuff done.

Photoshop is a program that allows you to manipulate photos. I mean it’s right in the name, so it all really is based off of a photo manipulation and it allows you to manipulate graphics.

So Photoshop is great for any type of photo editing any type of graphic work that you want to get done, so whether it’s it’s for graphics for your actual designs on your shirt or whether it’s graphics for the printing of products.

So whether it’s graphics for like marketing materials advertising material social media like Photoshop allows you to do it very easily easier than illustrator. Does because illustrator is not good with photos Vogons, the differences in the second photoshop is meant to deal with photos.

And it’s meant to enhance those since I’m not very technical when it comes to like all the backend details of it. I’m just going to say like it is and how I see it and how people use it Photoshop is mainly used for the graphic work for the photo editing for the advertising print materials it could be used similar to illustrator, them they do have some similarities.

But Photoshop definitely is more based on the graphic and visualization of just like imagery and real-life stuff, or the graphics of like print media and all of that stuff they do a great job in helping you being able to manage all those work flow adding layers filters effects.

Photoshop is a game when it comes to photo based visuals. So there you have it guys you have Photoshop and illustrator as the main program that you definitely want to consider buying, if you’re going to move forward in this industry.

Some of the differences between the two programs is that they still like you can still work them together, so each program can still work hand on hand you can transfer stuff from illustrator to Photoshop and then you can complete or finalize whatever you need to finalize in Photoshop to make it look better or whatnot.

But it is difficult to transfer imagery from Photoshop on to illustrator and manipulate photos on illustrator. Unless I’m figuring it out but, it’s very difficult for me it’s not the same as it is on Photoshop where you literally open up a photo you can start editing stuff smooth out the skin smooth out you know like.

Start manipulating that photo illustrator doesn’t do that very well, but you can import from Illustrator to Photoshop to enhance whatever you created on illustrator.

So people really use it hand on hand like you’re going to accomplish some things on illustrator that you can’t accomplish on Photoshop and you’ll accomplish things on Photoshop you can necessarily accomplish on illustrator.

So those are the two major ones I definitely think you should consider and now the choice is really up to you, like if you’re not the best when it comes to hand-drawn stuff.

Then I would stay away from the illustrator and just focus on graphics for apparel. But, if you are into the industry of like wanting to create your custom products or their custom cutting so whether it’s bags or accessories whatever it is I would recommend that you learn illustrator.

I mean you can you can start getting better at drawing and eventually those drawings become your illustrations, which then get put into the computer form.

So it’s really really up to you and what you guys’ goal is but nonetheless you can get the both programs for a flat fee per month.

So it doesn’t become something that’s so crazy and you have to make like this big decision of like should I get this $600 program, should I get this fixed on a dollar program you get both one for like 20 bucks.

So I hope this website was able to help you make a choice and start making a decision as to what program you’re going to start mastering or playing more with. Because it all takes time guys time to really learn, it takes some hours to look up website content online that will help you do some and manipulate certain things but nonetheless there is some fun.

To it you’ll be able to create some pretty cool stuff with it, so guys I hope you enjoyed this website.

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