Under Armour Hunting Clothes

Hello this is Jeff from a bear outdoors it’s January 3rd no 4th today, and it’s about minus 6 Celsius.

I’m just going out doing a quick shed hunt for some moose antlers see, if we can find some moose antlers today, got my dog with me.

And I’m trying out over Christmas. I bought some Under Armour year forest pattern gear. So I bought early season pants, I bought a mid season wool jacket.

I got the icon storm hoodie. I got those three things on today, and I got some Sitka core long underwear on, and I got some some a few more Under Armour things showing up.

I just it was on sale, I had some gift cards to burn and thought that this camel pattern would be a good counter power camel pattern for elk hunting.

We were noticing that some of our patterns were really, quite noticeable on the timber. So I figured this would be an improvement, I’m also trying out Alpine touring skis or for shed hunting.

All my buddies that are into Alpine touring say that that’s more efficient you can go, longer harder farther sort of hanging the climb great.

So one a couple my buddies they’re, they’re into Alpine touring they set me up with this set of skis. You got some dynastar figs and some silverado 404 bindings.

Under Armour Hunting Clothes

And I’m not going to use a Alpine touring boot, I’m gonna use my Scarpa scarf a Mont Blanc. There are a mountaineering boot so hopefully they’re rigid enough and we’ll see how it goes.

And they’ll give you a little bit update on how the I like the gear I like this will jacket. So far doesn’t have a ton of stretch in it like the advertise that is stretchy does have a little bit of stretch in it.

But it feels awesome, so stand by how’s going everybody well, we’re tour trying out these skis and significant pines and move sheds checking out the new gear so far so good.

The early season pants which are very light, and stretchy with a base layer underneath them. They’re awesome my legs aren’t pulled at all.

There’s no wind right now though jackets great, and snows not really sticking to it, you got a little snow on it you just brush it off.

This snow is getting deeper, the dog is she’s not shed hunting anymore, she’s just basically walking in my back trail. Smarter than she looks, and she’s not having too much fun found.

A bunch of moose beds, and when’s the fresh that attracts a bunch old tracks but nothing yet we’ll see. I’m not expecting to find one since, the wolves moved in here a number of years ago.

There hasn’t been a whole lot of moose hanging out anymore just the odd one, but it’s it’s one of the only places I know that they drop here, bowls all grouped together in this one spot.

So whoa hopefully we’ll come across something. Okay we’re back at the truck ski touring skis for shed huntin. Not bad, it was a lot easier coming back on my back trail.

But there were spots there where I wanted to shed hunt down a slope, and you got a real solid feeling of out of control. Especially when you have deadfall and an older and and all the brush hediye.

So that wasn’t fun, yet hung up the tips get hung up underneath stuff and then the deadfall anything that’s you know, you gotta collide right do it into it.

So now I’m gonna swap out, and I’m gonna do a little bit of a shorter run here on the snowshoes. I got the Atlas 1235, they’re a pretty pretty mean snowshoe.

I’m gonna take a look and see, if I have the same amount of rotation. They’re obviously going to be requiring a lot more energy coming back, because you can’t slide your foot like you can with the Alpine touring binding.

You have to lift for every step. So yeah we’ll see gears working good so far. The pants nothing sticks to him the snow doesn’t stick to him.

I’ve tipped over a couple of times where my tips got caught under some stuff, and tipped over and yeah snow doesn’t stick to the pants at all.

A little bit to the jacket but it’s wool so you kind of expect it, but not a lot little brush it and it comes off. So anyways, so I just did that short little circuit with the out with snowshoes.

And surprised actually, I think I am sinking in deeper with the snowshoes, and I am with the skis. The dog likes snowshoes a lot better because it’s a wider deeper trail that I’m cutting for her so she can just walk right in behind me no problem.

What’s the stuff I do like it with the snowshoes. I’m able to look more at where, I want to go not where I have to go, and I’m not paying near as much attention to my snowshoes as it was the skis like you’re always concerned.

You got to make sure those key tips are up, and that you’re packing down whatever’s ahead of you if it’s alders or stuff like that

Whereas the snowshoes because there’s so much closer to your feet. You don’t think about that you just walk, and so that’s what I do like what snowshoes.

I think the skis are even though they’re much heavier than the snowshoes. I think they are more efficient, they tire you less but you know there’s pluses and minuses to both. Oh no, I’m not at a skier.

So it’s a little bit of a different animal for me to throw those on my feet, and then try to try to go downhill with them. Snowshoes just like walking. so anyways I hope that was some benefit to somebody.

We’re just gonna finish off this gear review that we started this morning when we did the ski touring for moose sheds.

And that comparing that with the snowshoes, the idea behind that was to test the gear that I got for Christmas. I like I mentioned before, I had some gift cards I had to burn up through Cabela’s Bass Pro.

And then through the Under Armour website. So what I was wearing today was this is the hoodie I had on. I had a polyester shirt on underneath, this just just a shirt from one of our gyms.

Then I had this on, its a icon with storm technology, it’s in a double XL. I’m 6 foot 2 240 to 250. I have a hard time finding things that fit me in the shoulders and the arms.

So I ordered this a 2 XL it’s a little bit big in the body but the sleeves are this leaves it good. So the shoulders a little narrow you can see the shoulder seams are here, my shoulders actually end over here.

So whether that’s the way it was designed or that’s just the way it fits me. I don’t know? It seems to be the same with this jacket as well.

So yeah he worked out well it’s got it’s this is the forest camel. It’s white on the inside it’s really soft fleece is really nice doesn’t make any noise it’s very quiet it’s shiny.

Which I’m kind of on the fence whether I like the shine or not, I maybe if we get washed a little bit they’ll dull down a bit.

But in reality the dark timber that I’m gonna be huntin that’s I don’t think there’s gonna be any enough light to reflect it. I had the pants on, these are the early season pants. I like, I mentioned before it was minus six today.

And but the way I hunt in the way I shed hunted that sort of thing I’m moving. I’m not sitting still early season Pat with I put a base layer on or don’t have a base layer on depending on the temperature.

And these were more than warm enough fur for me today. If I was sitting in a tree stand probably not, but I had to course if decor base layers on.

I wouldn’t know wanted to wear any more than, that and I probably could have gone with out the base layers the amount I was moving today.

I didn’t sweat on my legs, I did pick up some sweat around the back of the waistband for where my backpack was. But other than that the snow did is sick to him. I fell a couple of times with those skis on.

And no snow stock tool, so that was great no really happy with these pants. I bought these in a 38 the Under Armour website is kind of cool.

If you go to it it’s got a couple of little questions you can fill out a null size of the gear to you, it said I was an Excel or know what said I was a 38 32, I bought a 38 32.

And in actuality there is actually probably a little bit because they stretched so much. I could I got a little bit extra room in the waist, and then I’m that I’m used to having.

So it’s not it’s not bad, I will need to wear a belt with these if did start to creep down with the backpack, pushing your pants down at the back.

I did not have a belt today. So yeah I know the the Under Armour website, they’re sizing for the pants was bang on.

Now they said I was going to be an excel for the shirt or the jacket to which I know better because same thing that I have with everything else.

I have to always order things in a to excel just so I can get the arm and the shoulder width, and everything ends up being too big in the body.

So this is the mid season, wool thread borne jacket there’s a couple did different models in in all honesty the Under Armour website is a little confusing.

Not the website so with the product lines are a little confusing with the do threes, and the 13s and the Ridge Reapers and the cold urine.

And then you see jackets that are kind of explained the same but they got one pocket on one side, and not on the other, it’s a little bit confusing to kind of figure out what you buy.

I didn’t see a lot of reviews on anything so that’s why I’m doing this one now there was a couple of trade show things. Where they were showing the gear, but nothing really in depth.

And didn’t know what you were buying, it’s quiet, it’s really quiet. This jacket is like a technical type jacket that you would find like any of those guy jackets polyester guy jackets that you get except, it’s got wallet.

So you open it up and the same polyester lining that’s on the inside of all your you know I gotta kind of go in you guy jacket, and all those other technical jackets that’s basically what this jacket is.

But with wool, you know it stretches a little bit, it doesn’t have a ton of stretch, it stretches but with me because my shoulder width and an arm length it’s a little bit tight across the back.

So I’m a little less comfortable with that. But it didn’t matter, even though it was a bit narrow on the back I still liked the shirt.

And I am very happy when using these clothes, and I tell you that you have to buy a product, and you must feel the pleasure that I feel too.

So much information from me and hopefully can add knowledge, and can solve your problems all.

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