Tween Clothing Boutiques

Good morning my friends! How are you?

Happy day the world! We’re in the car, let me just show you on this beautiful Sun warm spring day. Welcome to North Carolina.

Tween Clothing Boutiques

We are the wet East Coast version of Seattle, that’s what let me just go warn you. If you ever thinking about moving to North Carolina think long and hard because it rains a whole lot here really.

Okay it’s just a thing that’s gonna pass past years, and years leave left area and it’s I don’t believe in global warming. It’s a cold all the time anyway we’re out and about we have a lot to do today, we’re on our way to the post.

Office I’ve got to return something, and then I have months my appointment and then we’re gonna go to the fall reduce shopping we’re. Gonna he’s gonna do some try on some clip there what I said. ” You won the lottery about a million dollars to everybody you ready to go to the mall.”

Any of these representing the rich, like today your shirt it’s all right so we’ll catch you guys later. If you’re new, let me know down below so I can say hello and welcome you an we do have quite a lot is rich my friends.

Oh alright guys, we got a coffee Eevee’s. All if he’s all like teenager mortified dad you’re embarrassing me. Because I was like, well how do you do it? I don’t do like that, you don’t go up to the ladies.

I don’t, I just wanted when I was putting the camera down and I was gonna hit, record I didn’t want I just didn’t want them though, I think I was weird with a camera.

Thank you without your weird with the volcano, so I wanted them to know this is for a my website. You know like I’m Sly Fox or something Casey or something : sad you said wait, I said “Soul Encash” don’t talk anyways we’re on our way to, no I was gonna say everything I thought why don’t you want to give away like my location, no that’s really well just say I’m on my way to a medical spa.

Now we got to go, well I was so scared and I don’t know why I was scared? Because I was not getting anything done but I was just afraid that she was gonna say today, so I went to a Med Spa to discuss getting.

I’m getting my lips done, so spare me the hate comments. Okay I’m just kidding I know you guys will be supportive. So I am in about a week going back to get my lips done, and no I’m not actually getting them augmented.

I’m like made bigger I am actually going to just smooth them out, it’s it’s I can’t think of what it’s called the actual stuff that they inject so that my lips will be, look they look more hydrated and more smooth they will not be like duck lips. I’m not getting and that procedure done, so it’ll just smooth out the lines right here.

So actually the Bell looks big probably right after they’re done, because they’ll swelling but then it’ll go down and then it’ll just be smooth so it won’t look like you know.

The celebrities that duck lips it’s, not gonna look like that. So that’s what I’m getting done, you look like Bob now please, have bones lips, take a picture of those lips soon with that tooth it’s gonna come out to face coming.

I want bones let’s, can I have a skin my lips?

Oh no they are not please either you’re beautiful stop, and I know what people are gonna go ahead and say. But a bad example you’re setting for your daughters, getting well did you cut your hair do you die over? Here do you wear makeup do you shave your legs? Do you put chat stick on? All of that is is act accentuating your beauty.

So I’m not teaching anything other than, you know like, can’t love yourself. Well quit Daniel saying say that again seriously. So I mean this you know doing, lips is not is about for you and skiing and all those types of things about aging gracefully and it’s about you’re older.

And you have 18 years old, I’m not 20 I’m not 30 you know. Like you’re not passing on to your daughters will win as soon as you get out a house when you’re 20 oh man just get cosmetic everything. Writes about us, being in an older age in our lives and then you know getting some a little help here and there age a little more gracefully.

I agree what are you getting done. Bob, I need to work on these crow’s feet, hey you know Tom it’s comments. Okay let’s uh we’re heading out we’re heading to the mall guys, yeah the mall we’re gonna do some shopping. Some clothes shopping, even eat, some clothes do some bathing suits.

Oh I’ve been bathing suits the rad. Bathing suit did not fit eating at all they’re way too small so I just returned them today, we’re gonna maybe the steeping impossibie this it’s here, It’s not order them again but no, but we’re gonna do say we’re gonna go to America okay all right.

And she is doing a little shopping, and so they are really like you. So I really like the clothes here they’re so cute that is so cute Brent I love it. So the 10 do you thought was too big, yeah that one’s a little bit too like big shirt oh it’s, okay so I think okay all right.

Right next up, Brittany is trying on her bathing suit very cute you ready to go swimming. Turn around bus station around daddy, you get out of you what are you doing! Next what we have, we have the little pug so cute and then and look at the shorts are so cute the lace they’re kind of they’re scalloped, and turn around I want to show the detail in the back.

So how the, okay we got somebody else coming in now well. Bathing suit okay but that is soup is that cute, laughs wanted to get in on this so here she is you know. Oh yeah she’s gonna do a little dance for you, okay go ahead and oh here it goes.

Okay so that’s it we’re done. So daddy took us in to check out this candy store guys, like they have like cotton candy that’s like custom flavors, and yeah and then look like truffles and all kinds of stuff back here. What were you thinking bring us in here? Should matter, all right Brynn got her very first.

And guys, I always thought it was macaroon but it’s a macaron. So there you go boy I got it wrong the whole life, feels like news your Mecca wrong right. Oh hey try it Brittany the who, I’ve never tried with say what you think. What if you don’t like it your whole life? You’ve said I’ve always wanted to have money.

Okay let’s leave it all and now i will discuss about my new clothes.

I’d always had anything you want one of my things, hey let’s let that start that is part of them are decent East Claus.

So cool when he’s actually saw huge, and it’s a cupcake and change the heart attack but it’s like a toll bracket holographic at the bottom and it’s adorable. This is, this is actually sorry and I’m so happy I got it it’s.

I like it I’m gonna like them, wouldn’t go to use this, oh I’ve always, needed a white or create a guide and if you guys like white guys and I feel so fancy with this bag. It’s a bit bigger because actually a piece would be the bag.

Hand like a so very cool so comes with this really – strap right I heard this within it comes with this really nice strap and just like I stood over, I like it’s an ice cream color and it’s it hold stuff.

This is a well obviously, lumpy and very cheap enticing. Yeah sure! that’s really cute it’s this really jumper I’m, all source off filler.

It’s more than a blanket, it’s like very I need it’s really comfortably. I could just wear and become full and I’m up for design it is a little bit, I really really like it.

And if I give a nice one, I got a jumper it’s called batwake it’s got this really nice color. And it’s going to split open at the back, you’d like that that and this is like kind of my style.

I think I put this on just so you guys can see what actual dies, hole in your style. So this is what I got and I really love hi Dex at the moment, and it’s winter in Australia. That’s why we’re getting jumpers, and why am i – sure if I stand up a trip I am let’s go to sleep at the back which i think is so cool and I love it it’s really cozy high.

Density comes up. I was a bit scared with this so much jumpers don’t always come in the right side, you know? This one was really great. So that I thought all that cute, oh it’s stretchy that’s cool, it looks really g-tube it looks really excited oversized top, yeah I think that would be really cute and I like the bananas.

Go through the peeps and shot right up there try it out motor height on this so cool. It’s very stretchy so cool, it’s comment a spot that looks good. I’ve got more fun playful, yeah no I know oh that’s it as I can sleeveless top. It looks very it’s very short, yeah it did not look like the website it should be on the arms Thanks.

I’ll try it on what’s all this hi guys okay so, this is I’ve got to be honest it does it’s way too big on me it does not look like a fighter. I went to have it on it was like falling down it on my shoulders, and it just it’s not nice so it has nothing covering you at the top.

At the front it didn’t look like the fighter, I ordered I swear the photo is changed or something now. At the time it was a different photo it didn’t look like this so it’s our world. but, it’s just I’m not gonna wear it.

Sorry I wouldn’t really recommend always, okay fun because we can also utilize an off-the-shoulder coffee yo. Yeah but that’s not, this whoa over bag it does very small and we’re being honest but I’m gonna try it on, yeah okay sorry.

This looks a horrible dancer, it’s like they made it very tight and for bad, I think this was like better maybe on someone just a bit bigger but also the they’re just it’s not the nicest.

I’d like a change back into it actually looks nice, so this is the skirt actually might send. out isn’t it so money don’t stand up on this, shit here you go this is it I just put this top on top it’s really nice actually it flows really nicely it’s comfy.

It’s not like really tight and uncomfortable it is, actually really comfy. So I really like this idea like it’s cute, I’m happy because the last ones bit display this is my last item but merely got, two more because my more and more tube with cheaper.

Then I gotta have you wanna like leave it on it tops quite the ice cream and really cute. Yeah, have you liked it? The eyes girls have two different material and looks to do it less.

So the same it’s not a shark about I’m gonna go child sorry, this is the top it feels like a little bit hot in like the MLK area if I’m being honest, but I like it it’s that I think is cute as absolute and I may be pero pulps. Yes sir, I really like this one and so now all right.

Oh is it? Hold, it no okay so this is what looks like this cute. hold this one it is how are you all of my bags are white jacket like all girls as well.

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