Trendy Professional Clothes

Welcome back to my website today! As you can tell is a long-awaited one and that is a work, place outfits for your work professional-looking outfit.

Trendy Professional Clothes

I don’t know you guys get it, I’m really excited for this today’s article title. I got a lot of ideas for it from you guys not only when I asked you for some things that you like to wear at work or that you have to wear at work.

But also in a lot of my look books and outfits of the week a lot, of you guys were saying that you had 9 to 5 jobs, and you can’t wear all of that stuff normally and you wish that you could.

Which I totally get because all of my friends here in New York are not youtubers, they have nine-to-five jobs and have to dress professional, so I got a lot of help from them figuring out what to wear but then also from you guys.

So I really hope I tried my best, you guys know that I do this is a job, so this is all kind of stepping out the out-of-the-box for me. Also shout-out to my friend Caitlin who let me film in her office in New York, because I wanted to make it as authentic as I could and I felt like I really fit in there.

So I feel like I really nailed these outfit, obviously you can modify them for your jobs. I know that so many different jobs have different dress codes but, I tried to make them very versatile and you can reuse a lot of the pieces, it’s really easy.

So I will have a lot of there all of the stuff that I’m wearing in the description box below linked for you guys, I really hope you guys enjoy it so well alright.

I got my hair, nice probably notice already but, I cut and colored my hair a little bit darker and it’s a huge chop for me, I haven’t cut it like this in a very long time so I really hope you guys like it.

I’m obsessed with it, so I’m gonna be done talking now. Okay so starting off with outfit number one, when I think of work outfits the first thing that pops into my head is a good pair of trousers.

Because, they’re so versatile and they definitely pull an outfit together and they’re pretty much encouraged by like every workplace, so for my travel with trousers in fact a lot of the pieces that I’m wearing are from Lulu’s, it’s kind of a one-stop shop they have great work wear pieces.

So that’s where these are from and they’re a neutral color again, I like to stick with neutrals because, you can enter change that through the week next week, you can make new outfits it’s a really really easy color so those are just tan or like a salmony color.

For my shirt, I stuck with a white t-shirt you can get these at like Target very basic and again you can switch out the colors, and do really fun colors or stick with neutrals.

And then over it I decided to wear this coat again which is like, as thick as a sweater but not as thick as a coat it kind of has a blazer field that I love that it has pinstripes to add a little pattern to it.

Then for my shoes, I just wore some black heel shoes, they’re neutral but they’re a little bit more comfortable than stilettos.

Moving on to outfit number two, this one definitely has a little bit more of a casual vibe, because of the jacket but this is honestly what I saw most of in the office that I was filming.

So I definitely think it’s okay, so starting off with the pants those are trousers again they’re a black color, feel like this is a staple.

I love these ones from Lulu’s, because they’re tailored and they have like a very slim fit, I just find them so flattering the waist has like a gathering, by it that’s just like so nice and comfortable.

So I wear those and then again I just stuck with a white t-shirt, this is great too because if you get hot during the day it’s still appropriate to take off it’s not like a tank top or anything, so I wore that and then for the jacket that is just like a brown suede.

Like I said, I love sticking with neutrals but if your office allows it you can totally go with something more patterned or fun colored, but this one’s great.

Because it’s perfect for this time of year, it’s fall you want to stick with this color and you can interchange it with all your fun fall outfits later on.

Then for the shoes, I love these these are from Sam Edelman they kind of remind me of the Chanel shoes these are much more affordable, I love the toe on it but more importantly I love how comfortable they are.

Outfit number three, I wanted to include a bottom that wasn’t pants or trousers, so I looked for a pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are really easy to come by you can find them all over the place again in black tan, white even it just depends on what you want.

I found this one that’s a faux suede material so it’s kind of stretchy, which means it’s so comfortable, it’s very very stretchy surprisingly.

So it doesn’t constrict your legs and it’s easy to wear throughout the day, that is again from Lulu’s stuck with the neutral color because I love that it just goes with everything, but I decided to change it up a little bit with the top and wait for a pattern.

So I have this one it’s a maroon color with polka dots I think it’s so pretty, has kind of like a gathering at the front with a tie that kind of hangs down, I just find it to be a very flattering shirt especially when tucked into something like this that’s so tight, because it drapes over the top which is just a very flattering look in general.

Then for the shoes, I originally was gonna pair another pair of heels with this but, then I remembered I had these black loafers.

Which I feel like loafers is such a staple work shoe these ones I purchased from Frye, they’re definitely more expensive, so if you want to invest in something that you can wear all the time.

Go ahead but they sell these similar type of shoe, everywhere and I just think it looks so good with pretty much everything, okay so for this next look I think this is my favorite just because I love the tones of it, but I want to talk about the top because the other.

Outfits that I paired with trousers I paired with t-shirts but this is like more of a fitted, long-sleeve almost like turtleneck top which i think is perfect for this time of year because it’s fall, it’s a great layering piece.

I love the color of this one it’s taupe, it’s just a really really pretty. But, I like how it has kind of like that striped detail on it to give it a little bit of texture, and how I styled this was obviously tucking it into trousers.

I used the same ones, that I used before in black but this time in Navy, they’re just so comfy and be and can be styled with pretty much anything.

And then for the shoes, I just stuck with the same strappy block heel sandal, but if you’re not a heels person or you just don’t like wearing heels at work you can totally pair this like a nude flat, and it would look just as awesome.

So then how I kind of jazzed it up a bit is I wore these earrings from bauble bar, they’re like a diamond looking earing they’re just kind of like that statement piece that make your outfit stand out without going over the top and losing those simple pieces.

And for a casual Friday look, I know a lot of you guys commented saying you could wear jeans and I even asked a couple of my friends and they were jeans a lot to work.

So I thought I would show you guys how to style a work outfit including jeans, so for my jeans, I just wore some from ASOS they’re just like a dark blue, kind of high-waisted.

That’s very good jeans, and in an office there are often interviews, but I was never confused because of that, it was all because I had prepared a special outfit for the interview, and now I will give all the women guidance on how to choose the right clothes for the interview.

For appearance issues during interviews, I received several questions from many clients. “What should I wear during an interview process?” How do I dress for the occasion? And many other questions.

Once I get the job, then I made an article for you so that you understand how to put outfits together and mix and match them, so that you can present a credible image because in this economy it’s all about looking credible.

And so I actually firmly believe, that when you develop a wardrobe, every woman should start with a basic black suit and you should always go with a classic suit now.

You can use different designers and such and we’ve actually picked this one for you, this is a great, basic black jacket in a nice wool fabric.

That is good for three seasons, you want to pick something like this because it can mix and match really easily and it can be used for multiple seasons and occasions and and also go from day to night really easily.

Now to build upon this jacket, I always tell my clients to buy all three components. Let’s start with the skirt, so this is actually the most formal look and then to purchase the matching pants to go with it to for a slightly more less formal look.

But it’s still formal because it’s a match suit, now to add underpinnings to this is the next thing, and so the easiest thing to do especially if you travel is just to put a nice little shell, together underneath the jacket, it’s that simple.

And to dress this up a little bit more, all you need is a nice silk blouse or a crisp white shirt to round out the entire outfit. So as you can see here you have five different pieces that mix-and-match, and you can pull them apart.

So that you can wear this jacket with a pair of jeans, this shirt with either the skirt or the matching pair of pants for business casual, and then this top to make it look sexier.

If you want to do that too, now in order to expand on this cluster it’s really important to add other components that mix-and-match, so what does that really entail.

Well, what that entails is taking another suit that’s pretty classic and design too, and also something that has a little bit more of a pattern to it.

So this has a small little pin dot to it and it’s super cute, so this you can also wear with a nice shift dress so this goes from day to night and it can also be paired with the white top the matching skirt.

And, the match or not the matching but non matching pants too. So what we’ve created here, is a nice business casual group of clothes or a cluster an outfit.

That easily mixes in matches for business casual if you’re traveling, and it’s also more approachable too because of the radness and the dots.

Then to expand this wardrobe in order to project a more, credible look you’re going to want to go with pinstripes. Now pinstripes already look very authoritative, so what I recommend is putting a silk blouse with it.

Then afterwards wearing it with the skirt, this looks very Bank or ask which can add some sass and pizzazz. To it by wearing these fabulous, peep toe shoes, to round out the look and what’s an outfit without rounding it out with a fabulous handbag.

So, this is made of like a pebble ish type of leather and it’s fabulous. Because if you travel a lot, it’s very durable and it won’t scratch that much either and it also matches the shoes.

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