Toddler Dance Clothes

Hey everyone and welcome back to my website. So today is finally the latest election for 2018, I’m so glad you or one of this website because I have been wanting to do it for a while.

I think it’s the lining in here but anyway, so let’s do an overview I guess I do have a little leotard but I do love every single one of them. So let’s sell off my feet black colors first, now I do have the most of this color.

Because I have to wear black this year, so yeah let’s start off with the first layer which is this one right here this one is a peasy leotard and it has a cap sleeve with a very beautiful low back. I love this one a lot also has a great makeup and the detailing on it is just really really nice.

This next one I have community is a lot like the first one with the detailing except it to the middle. So this is again appreciatively it’s hot, and then it’s from the Whistler range 15 to respond exactly sure.

But this is a really nice one as well, pull details in the back and I really got the paneling on the attack, I always love panic attacks.

So next one going on this one’s a newer late on to my collection, and this one is by protector. It has this gorgeous detailing this mesh, it’s kind of like this holy material, it’s so so cool I love it.

Toddler Dance Clothes

And it has a beautiful sweater as well, all right so this next leotard is a real dancer leotard just as nice and plain simple mesh going from the front all the way to the back.

But it is a really beautifully is happen it is fine, all right deal. This one is one of my favorite leotards.

This is the Capezio there tab and it is just a beautiful simple they attack a finalist leotard, and let us are many types of bodies and this one just looks so good.

When it’s on I love how it has a super low back, and a really nice will they cut as well. Sorry I love this one, I bet there’s some cops examine everything love it all rights my arms getting very soul doing this move.

The next one I have here is all know it’s not sorry this sleeves hard it’s ain’t went while the entire night.

Let me just double check hang on, so this XA Tod is a red wire leotard this is a post neck with this cool detailing going on the side, and a peaky whole back seat that eNOS.

And yes also just I’d like to mention to you. I will be linking all of the brands down below. I won’t be linking each specific leotard because there are so many.

But I will link down in France animation. So this next one here is another teaser leotard this one is a really really nice lazy, Title II its heart. I love these ones this label has a type of display meant to look.

But it’s not up too high that lengthens it’s also anything, but the back is also really really pretty with this detail cross back, and the leg cut was really cool as well.

Now this next black one, so many black ones I love this one this has been where my all time favorites that’s markup easier.

I don’t think you can get this one anymore, right faces bring it back Susan please if you’re watching bring this later back I love it.

But this one is another type of squareness B it’s hard but it is so flattering, and it also has a really nice wide straps that would soar so nice.

And the length is perfect alright. So this next one is another continue it has this really cool heart shaped neckline and another really cool prospect.

I can’t wait to wear this one this year because I actually haven’t worn it yet. So alright guys so you could kind of see if we really at the end of the black.

So this next one is another easy of these hard, this one is a definite square next leotard. But what I love about this leotard is feedback, it is super super low.

And I also love how you can kind of convert it’s like strap in the middle, it’s kind of cool so if you have not pulled down this is a really really nicely time alright.

That was the last one great time, now let’s go on through the Navy buddy italics. So this one I’ve had in my collection for a long time.

But it is one of my favorites odds, this a Felicity’s leotard in this beautiful Navy color with these long. Long sleeves this one looks so nice it is a stunning color on me.

Especially, I do let’s say I suit Navy colors, so it’s one super pretty. Next want a great time isn’t easy one another new leads had a recently.

But this one’s really really cool, I love with that it looks so simple but at the same time it’s so different to any of my leotards circus.

Have another computer later on here, this is another simple leotard that can suit any type of shape. It’s a lot like my black one but feel like this blue tide was made a little bit differently.

I don’t know if that’s a bad thing cause I think that I do really like the color of this. So moving on to grades like dark days of my face.

The first one I have here is TT er this is a really really cool air time I loved this collection. So much this was the great collection of future.

But I love the detailing on this later but these little fluffy bits, and also the back is so cool as well this is a really nice. This next one is a block leotard this is another one of my fav to staple there tardes, it is just super simple.

But super flattering and I also love this red color, moving onto a computer leads heart this one is super fun and super different.

I just love this one as well how it comes in at the waistline super different, and again very flattering and I love the halter neck as well it’s just so nice.

And this gray color to is really really cool. It’s kind of got the fake patchy material color thing too, it’s really nice moving on.

This next one is another easily tough funky vintage whisper age. I love this moods hard the legs on you, it’s so beautiful in the back is gorgeous.

As well with this deep deep V low back such a pretty little time, and love this one alright so this one behind me is again from the same age this one as you can see they’re the same color.

And they also have the same lace on them but they’re obviously just a different style. I’m not I do love this range so much it’s so beautiful.

You can see lap, if it’s still available what I definitely suggest getting one of those leotard. They are so so nice, I love them morelia time’s left.

So this one is a flop morality it’s hot, don’t know if you can get this one anymore this is very oddly table. But the back of it is I’ve got to save.

So for this detailing, is like it reminds me of those fish braids or one of those like plant beans. it’s gonna be cool and let it’s pretty simple but it’s really nice.

So this one is a he’s the only time this is a new once. I think you can get this one this one, is definitely a lot different to the ones I have as it has at least different of angular shapes on this leotard.

So that it’s really unique, and it’s just a really nice color as well so going on to me green and blue colors. I have to say this is definitely my highest amount of leotards need a color.

I definitely have the most in black but the next is definitely the greedy foolery colors. I do love blue, and salami a lot sir.

The first is a caprese leotard, this one is super cool for like a contemporary or a type of life into the class that’s what I read is for. I really love the color it’s kind of like an army green a lot of so pretty, and the back is super cool as well.

The next two are one of my personal faves disperse monkey a lot of people time, and I’m super excited as I’ve got this the other day from a new manager.

So how people like this one is super beautiful. I absolutely love the color, force of tilts. the leg type is amazing that’s like the number one thing I love max leotard.

And also just how beautifully made it is, and also the panel isn’t it really flatters my body shape, it’s just a really beautiful air time.

And of course you all know my personal favorite out of. All of them is my permit leotard which is from Capezio. I don’t know how many times.

I have raved about this leotard, but it is just so beautiful on its opening the colors the shimmery really nice fabric that hugs your body the detailing.

So before in the leg type is perfect as well I just love this one, so moving on to this next one here. This is a fairly new one as well but this is from repertory.

This again is another really beautiful color. I love this right till the neckline of, this leotard is really flattering how it goes into the speech shape.

And the peach just really flat enough also the back is super super beautiful. As well this is really a slave top and I cannot wait to wear this on as well.

So this next one is a ante where we talk beautiful baby blue color super cute, and love the cap sleeve on this with the different type of beard, and the back was really nice how it goes into this v neck.

This is a really really pretty little time, now this one is one of my gr8 comes from Capezio.

This one is super cool with the triangle shape, it really holds the body and has a really nice back. I just this is a perfectly time moving on through a very very rapid time, this is from Peters well.

This is actually the same linear time as that great when I showed you earlier on, but it is just in this foursome vibrant blue color all right.

So, this next world okay this next blue leotard is another easily it’s hard. This one is so different with this awesome kind of like hot shape up on the top.

And the back really really flatters the front so it’s not to over carry, but just enough the back both of them really really nice.

This one is a lot Marella leotard, this one is very similar to that great lovely time I’ve showed you. But the only difference is that the color it’s a beautiful dark blue color.

And then the back has this diamond crisscross shape of the back, which is very nice. Going on be careful leotards and keep ones and like red ones on that category.

So this one is a bit awkward like this blue, drug is a poppy lilies are really great early type of any type of ballet classes it’s just nice and simple.

But still has a nice fun element on the back, this is YouTube community of sort Australia so you can’t buy this now. But this color is super super beautiful.

I also have a scene of red as well which I’ll show you soon, but yeah this is a great friend note on this. Let’s meet back here this is a easily, it’s hard.

I would love one love this one, about this one the color is so beautiful, and then I love how it has a hole in it as well. Pretty sure these are like the exact same colors but yeah, I just love love this now the snakes live hard.

And from all of this the most important thing is action, and hopefully the knowledge and experience that I convey can be useful for all of you.

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