Target Boys Clothes

Hey guys, welcome back to my website. Today I’m gonna be doing a clothing haul. I’m really sick of like the sit down professional website on my channel.

I should just walk, so that’s what I’m gonna do ethically. I went shopping for the kids a while ago, and I’ve had these clothes in a basket.

And two because it’s all winter clothes and it today is the first day it’s cold, and I’m like okay, I have to get these clothes. I actually went to the mall today.

And I got set in a bunch of new clothes from gap because those are the only clothes that fit him, because I tried to buy Burt’s Bees.

And they are so tight man these, Burt’s Bees. they’re like four for Jackson and Landon, my smaller babies for Sutton, he needs a little more room to grow in there. He’s all chunk.

I have three piles, I just put them out by kid basically, this is Sutton’s, this is Jackson’s and this is Landon Spile. I tried not to get too many for Landon because Jackson has grown out of everything.

And now Landon’s closet show you guys, it’s literally full to the brim with clothes. But I couldn’t help because they’re so cute, I had to get him some too today he actually ended up getting just as much as as Jackson.

Target Boys Clothes

But Jackson ran out of pants, all his pants are too long on him now cuz he’s getting taller. So Landon has all Jackson’s old pants.

And now Jackson needs some new pants and I’m a fan of like joggers and sweatpants. I hate the feeling of jeans on kids. I don’t know why unless they’re like that jacking material anyway.

So I’m just gonna stop rambling and get into it a set you guys up here, right now let’s put you horrible angles for the wind, but you know whatever it’s what we got to do.

So I got these shoes for land and look how freaking cute they are, why not let me hop in the window. There we go instantly better lighting.

So I got all this stuff for Jackson Landon, it’s from Target and Sutton is mostly from Gappa there is some stuff from Target. But I’ll let you guys know.

So this is from Target there’s these little green shoes I got them for Landon, and then I also got Jackson a pair but in black and they’re a little high topped.

So I got this little shirt, it’s got a little pocket on it and it kind of runs a little big. So it’s a little baggy, I love this new stuff at Target guys it is so freaking cute.

They’re like expanding their horizons with things, then I got this little black shirt, this literally looks like something from H&M; H&M; is probably my favorite baby clothing stuff, but target is cheaper.

I also got him at little slippers with a Mickey Mouse on him, he loves them. Then I got this striped shirt for Landon, it’s super cute, it’s like that ribbed material my favorite material ever is ribbed.

Then I got this nice poofy jacket, I know it doesn’t get really cold in Florida, but the days out it is cold it’s gonna need this then another little striped shirt.

This is more of like the average like target look that you’ll get whenever you’re shopping at Target. But I thought it was really cute.

And then I got this cute little shirt, as well couldn’t resist. I got him more joggers. They’re just so freakin cute look at these, they’re so cute.

I know they’re just great, but oh my goodness, we’ll go with everything and they’re so warm. I got my Halloween up and didn’t even get to wear it.

These are so cute, I love this new line at Target it’s called actually I don’t know what it’s called it’s after the street. I don’t know if I’m saying that right, but these are just gray and I love the like baggy like thing that they got going on.

This is probably one of my favorite things I got Landon it is so cute it’s just like the ABCs on a shirt, it’s so freakin cute. So this little polka dot shirt, I honestly would wear this for myself like come on it’s so cute.

You guys are gonna love this, check a lot of guys have tweeted me this and like I did, I got it for him, it’s a raccoon pajamas look at this little bootie pajamas.

And then the other one it’s foxes but it’s so cute, you can love this its fleece though so we gotta wait to hook it’s a little cooler out.

And lastly is this little shirt, I also got him one of these and white and red but he’s already worn them. So that’s everything for Landon so let me get Jack’s and stuff right here.

So I got him the same doggers that I showed you guys earlier for Landon they’re so cute and they’re so soft and fluffy.

I also got socks, they say Tootsie but they are they look like they fit Jackson and linen. So I’m going to say half through Jackson half remanded.

There you go and those softest things I’ve ever felt my entire life like, why aren’t off socks this soft and the shirt that I got Landon in orange.

I got Jackson in green it’s super here, and he used a little white long sleeved, it’s a waffle like ribbed material. I love it and my kids literally live in pajamas.

So I literally buy pajamas more than I do actual clothing for them because they’re so comfortable and they’re cute. Look how cute this is, pajamas all day every day, over anything in my opinion.

And then we got this little shirt that the blue waffle print seems the white one I just showed you, and Jackson got a nice big coat for winter too in the yellow.

I think this is probably my favorite coat that I got. This is kind of odd I don’t know why I bought this honestly but I think he looks super cute in it look at this.

This is a little like man romper, and then I got him these pants but they honestly look huge. I don’t know if they’re gonna fit him right.

Now you guys know my kids are tiny except for Sutton. So something happened was son Sutton didn’t get as much breast milk that’s what happened, he got more fatty formula.

And then I got this red shirt in the waffle print as well, and this little zip up jacket I got one for that one of these for Landon but he’s already worn it it’s in the closet.

I don’t know why they didn’t put this pile but they’re from H&M; and then another one of the waffle t shirts in a black with little polka dots.

The ride joggers same is so grey ones but red super cute another great one for these are these are Landon scoops. I got the same one that, I got Landon the little grey pants for Jackson.

I feel like I want them to match all the time. Everyone thinks they’re twins and I’m just like egging it on I’m like yeah, they’re twins.

And then I got these army pants which also are a bit big but he’ll grow into them they’re super cute, and then another pair of pajamas which are super cute.

I love the elastic band on these ones like this, they are it’s like so comfortable and so cute, it’s Captain Jack brand, and then I got this long sleeve shirt right here.

Just super cute, it’s ribbed and then two pairs of like normal pants like if we go somewhere nice or something.

Now on to Sutton’s, I don’t know what it is about baby clothes but they’re so cute and honestly there’s only one pair of clothing in here. that’s enough pajamas.

I just love pajamas on baby it’s like I will never stop putting them jealous. Okay, three months this is from Target and it looks a little big. So I think it will fit him and nicely in the arms is what gets me, he’s a little chunky at my arms sometimes they don’t fit.

I got him this outfit and it doesn’t fit him, I wanted to put him in it for for Thanksgiving, and it just it didn’t fit him, it was way too snug.

So I’m gonna probably give to this just someone who’s having a baby, and then this one is from Target as well it’s just striped and I think it’s just for you brand, it’s not a little bulldozer on the front of it.

This is from Burt’s Bees I honestly don’t think it’s gonna fit him look how skinny the arms are guys. I love Burt’s Bees but it’s just it’s too tight on him like they fit Jackson Lane imperfectly but sudden it’s just like way too tight.

Everything else I got is from Baby Gap they were having a sale. I think it was 40 or 50 percent off of everything. So I’m not sure if the sales still going on but it was definitely worth it.

So this is the first one I got super cute little Christmas trees on it and then I got two of this one because I love it, it’s I got a six to nine month and a three to six month because I just love this material and I love the color like I love white I love babies and white.

So cute it just looks super cute, same one and then I got this one, I love this one because it has the mittens that fold over because he’s still scratching himself so I like to put the mittens over his hands.

And this is perfect little blue bears one of the mannequins baby things, and the store was wearing and I was like yeah as I made it.

And then I got this other Christmas outfit it’s a little onesie with matching pants. So cute this one, I literally walked in the store walked straight up to it no it’s like I made this, so cute look at this the reindeer.

Then I got this penguin one look how freaking cute, this is it’s so cute. I think I’m gonna put this him in this one today. So cute and then I got just a little striped one, all these are from Gap I don’t know if they said that already.

And then I got this dinosaur one literally the second I saw this I was like Landon is gonna love seeing Sutton in this. That’s why I got this, because Landon loves dinosaurs and he’ll just go back all day his shirt.

Then I got these little clothes more like not pajamas but having like his legs came out that wasn’t really good work just like onesie like a little romper.

And just like this one they don’t have it in their size, they only have six to 12 months. But I like it so much that I get it in a bigger size, and he will grow happily.

So yeah that’s basically all that I have I think I got Jackson some paw patrol sandals like this from Target. But I think he has used it twice now.

So I’m not sure where they are right now, I also want to show you my clothes for today, people, quad, move my mirror people.

It was supposed to go there and he moved it because he installed Wi-Fi here, because we store it here or my computer, we put it here.

So Wi-Fi is needed to achieve that so we move down, and yes so now my mirror is moved. But I will move it back soon, but for today’s clothes I wear this super soft jacket is actually warm today.

And I have it like a bra and leggings set from roomy people is the best it is the most underrated shop. I ever shop that people want a camera on me, it is my favorite shop to shop at one I go home 95% of the time.

So they have the mostit’s comfortable like home clothes which are also like funny not just like t shirts and big pants, and they always have sales, always.

I’m pretty sure everything is for sale now, so this like corduroy leggings and bras are corduroy as good and I think you can know from the video but yeah they really arecute and soft.

And then this jacket isfrom area as well which is super cute and I just paired it together like this, and I wore some Adidas today with this outfit, and I thought it looked really cute.

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