Resell Clothes Online at Expensive Prices

Y’all should already know it takes money! To make though money.

What is love and what Gucci ain’t contribute to the World Wide Web. I am outside of family thrift Ali, over here in Houston Texas.

Resell Clothes Online at Expensive Prices

And today, I’m going to do something a little bit Different. This isn’t a normal trip to the thrift, this is to be how to make a thousand dollars came.

And day, where I’ll show you guys how pure hustle, can get you a thousand dollars worth of profit just thrifting.

So we’re live in the field and already you got some thought she was watching Medusa hit on me like I’m loominatee.

We also got some other fireflies the Warriors all embroidered Jersey, did crazy western jacket a young mean on the floor.

and it’s really sick Eminem’s raping teeth, just to name a few of the items. Now basically I have this like hustlers mentality, and idea to shoot this video.

Because when I was in New York City, I was chillin at an Airbnb, with my homie Eliot.

And he actually works for this company called Skillshare, where they show you guys how you can learn all these different skills, on their online learning platform.

So I was like shit, why not go ahead and actually teach, my people taking hustle and make a shit ton of money all, by fucking everything.

So without further ado, fucking Eddie. Alright! So step one is obviously to find the fire ass items in the thrift now we’re going to hit a bunch of them.

I want to show you guys the most ferocious play go ass items, in this chaps of raffling vintage all embroidered polo, is definitely one of them.

Hello look at this man, OPO more fire items young cocaine through baby with Tommy jeans exclusive to Tommy for your mommy, holy hot health, essential.

Exam the finished Tommy stripe T, definitely very sick another Tommy stripe see, and another one boy.

You already know is green like them money, although you got the Tommy sweater as well, and then last but not least.

The Energizer Bunny strike pumping on the drums, as you wash dinner dynamite.

Oh yeah baby, you really got to acquire that fire, if you want to flip and dip for a profit.

So yeah guys obviously step wanted to find all the fire ass items, if step two is to know about your brand.

So you know what is fire and what is not, and nautical obviously if it so bad, vintage brand shut up my boy lil yachty one time.

What if you guys don’t know anything about brands, or vintage clothing, or any of that shit whatsoever the Skillshare actually does have classes.

Where they show you guys about marketing design entrepreneurship. These cornerstone important elements that really make a business success.

Well honestly their forte is actually in the creative, realm so if you guys are into like photography, videography any of that shit.

They have a lot of classes that specify bet, but when you find some more fucking flames.

Because we got to earn this thousand a dollar, and god damn, you did it again, you did it again bull.

Oh shit! The Javan she active wear vintage windbreaker exclusive, the designer OG 90’s fire, with the zipper pocket, dog.

Fuck with me! All boss up, would you crossed up you got the USA a boss America cut me some, exclusive crewneck on dick. Hi let me boss moves on.

Oh man god damn. I think this one is actually fake though, but this is one of them bootleg joints that is actually fire regardless.

The big flag Tommy Hilfiger with the scripts, Tommy for your mommy crewneck right here.

So there is some fake stuff that does have value, in this bootleg joint its flossing and glossing, put up.

All right! Double click without some more flame, and look at this key right here.

This is definitely an interstellar Grail. The Dallas Stars, old school Salem all screen print all over the frame and P, goddamn baby shoe put a saw.

You got to fight me over this nike deploy ykp found in Nike, Women’s windbreaker exclusive.

But with me, what an absolutely delicious do wheel duo baby Polo Sport and champion.

Yeah there, and these things are flat, is TLC won’t fit. On a real dough, the gentleman on the back, looks a one, since day one, got the icy household.

We see about the jum man on the tongue, that’s the tell tale sign, it’s a little obscure now.

So this guy got a little baseball cap on right there Pinocchio nose, the ball isn’t around at all.

That’s why you got to know about your damn branch, this shit is fake as hell. I use them, all that low flame strike.

So we got all of the items and right now we’re just fucking, loading these door in there.

All right man, so we are leaving at the first floor right now. Really I am leaving by myself, my homie had to go get his hair and chopped off and stuff.

Well you guys know which ring comes patience time and effort. So I definitely got to hit a few more stores.

Just because I want to accumulate enough product to sell, to go ahead and make, that 1,000 freakin dollars in profit.

I bought 46 items, each worth $2. So I spent about what, What is that? 92 bucks.

So I’m not too shabby pedantic, let’s go ahead and see what the profit margins look like what I hate these of course, if you were sports, they have pink.

Is that babe though, So we just stepped in to the store once again as I can tell.

They our racks full of goodies, so we’ll see what they have in store, for you boy in this one.

I’m gonna try and breathe through and show you guys, although I got this kid. Shot that boy little kinky it is all about, for you.

I love this guy bread is like some neon icon day resist rose and violence Kai PO che. Yeah Oh y’all see it I’m living now lyocell lifestyle, old.

They got another exclusive, hood of memory big enough I got a reefer to. Put yeah, absolutely I already got four really dope items live, in the trenches.

And that is the one thing that is sick about like, me having such a large audience on YouTube.

Is I do always have people to sell to and I do got that market on lockdown.

So if you guys would like to similarly, Silvanus close or just sell anything in general of course having a market, is quintessentially doing that successfully.

So definitely check out Skillshare because I got marketing classes, and they got that Ralph Lauren Polo denim dude dynamite.

Actually think this is fake, like that big goopy stain. Good, good man the heat is real I think just from these three stores.

I got enough stuff to sell them make that profit, but I’m gonna hit another one after this when we still got a couple racks to go through.

But damn polo t shirt parlo draw, dude if this was a nice stained. I would impregnate someone with a quickness.

This kid’s Ferrari jacket is ill as hell, Rory holy dick. Tripping, excuse the profane and nature of my speech.

But my dear lord, you have this crazy. 1996 hi Lana, bright side of Atlanta shout out little kinky polo, this is wild as hell.

No, he didn’t yes he did more of it polo by Ralph Lauren with the three, the zipper is pure but are, like butter baby I am oh no Rojo.

Jesus freakin Christ yo, look at these pink and black, shark encrusted and completely covered swim trunks.

And thereby Izod in low cost, the ultimate collab backdoored with the Nike, vintage running shorts with the embroidered check.

Then Mikami for your mommy, little cargo shorts holy dick balls man, this stores coming through better.

The here Ralphie Maggie oh then, what you saw off the hanger is also another a finished piece.

This old school champion, little mustard comes from the mustard seed. What did it do a little a crewneck right there baby we found.

So much fire today it is absolutely unbelievable, good God and I just touched down my damn self.

So behind me, on my big ass bonus printed item. I have a million on one things that I actually need to take pictures of, any of the pictures and then post on my website.

And I do pray to the high heavens, then I actually got enough items to make a thousand dollar profit.

But as of right now, I do not fucking know. so the reason why I want to mention Skillshare in this aspect, is that a lot of people ask me how I edit pictures, I use Photoshop in on Skillshare.

There’s a whole class, in multiple courses about how to use Adobe Photoshop, how to get lighting right for photography.

How to actually take good ass photos, in the whole nine yards. Now also if you guys, don’t have Photoshop and you do subscribe to skill Sheriff.

Then you do get a discount on the whole Adobe Creative Suite, and it saves you about 90 bucks, for the whole suite per year.

Which is a damn deal, also if you guys just want to eat the platform for free, it’s free for a month you guys can take all the classes, and learn as much it as you want for free.

And if you guys, really want to steal! They enter my promo code down below you guys can get Paulk and two months, for free on their website.

So just check the description, type in that code you guys will be, good and set for two months of free fucking learning.

Which is honestly one of the best investments you can make is investing in yourself.

Then after that it will be ten bucks per month, and personally I am going to do that ten bucks per month, because that is a great deal to learn a bunch of fucking knowledge.

Without further ado let’s get into taking these pitch.

I was good! So what is the next day right now, and the reason it’s the next day and not all the same days.

Because let’s be real, since college I’m not about to pull an all nighter for shit.

But I spent five hours thrifting, and a couple of hours taking all the pictures, actually 1m in two hours editing all of them.

So all together that’s eight hours, so right now I have 16 hours to actually sell all the gear, if we break down a day in the 24 Hours.

But I think it will take less time so the account is set at zero, right now what time it is 1:13 2 p.m. on May 13th Saturday.

So we’re going to do some promo real quick, Joe what up people we are having a big a sale on HIV to day.

So you guys want any vintage gear a shit ton is dropping be prepared is going God.

And it’s as simple as one two and three let’s get, it let’s see what we’re going to put.

We’ll put up some Tommy for your mommy, this is some timing so you mind me, damn florrum so I go to finesse a female With.

All right guys, so it is later and lookie there baby! Oh what’s up is it right now man, it is 918 p.m. boy. We reach the thousand dollar threshold well.

What I haven’t shipped any of this stuff yet, so I definitely know I made less than a thousand dollars.

The night is still young, I still got a lot more items. I can post I still got more items from the Church of the thrift.

That I can photo as well, but I’m fucking tired in a bitch. Like literally I skipped my little fucking nephews party, my god nephew my little guy.

So is party to do this shit all day to try and see, if we can make it happen, and damn it we are definitely going to be short on B margin.

But when it’s all said and done I make like 800 ULA’s, get to shipping, because you guys already know. I send it and you receive it baby.

So yes, I spent all night last night packaging those Orders, and the final numbers have came in as to the profit margins.

And I made one thousand one hundred eighty eight dollars in eighteen cents, in a day now spent about two hundred thirty dollars so I did the calculations.

So nine hundred and fifty eight dollars was my profit. So yeah man, I came up unfortunately $42 fuckin shorts.

Well basically this just goes to show how a little bit of hustle, some time, and effort a lot of marketing.

And a lot of work ahead of time can actually result, in your being able to make a thousand dollars in a day.

It took me a long time to get here, but with skill sure you guys can gain a lot of knowledge.

That I had to do trial and error to gain, you guys can gain it in a couple months, if you do go ahead and redeem that free trial code down below.

So show someone homie Eliot who works there, and everyone ask Skillshare.

I definitely fuck with what you guys are doing, and ten dollars a month after two to three months is a great investment.

Because as I said before, there is nothing better to invest in, than your education. So peace and love I’ll catch y’all next time. I am gone!

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