Nice Clothes at Affordable Prices

Hello everyone! And welcome back to my website. Today I have an affordable clothing haul for you guys, and I’m super excited because I got all of my clothes from I store it fast, I know you guys.

I really like it when I do try on clothing hauls or clothing was in general, and this was going to be a little bit different.

I’ve actually been meaning to do clothing halls that are a little bit more relaxed, and where I actually show you guys what it looks like in the mirror, because I feel like that’s really true to how it look by the way if the Sun goes in and out, apologies there are clouds.

Today I picked up all of my clothing items today from I saw it fast, and I believe I mentioned I saw it first on my website before.

If you guys don’t know about I saw it first, then you should because they are super affordable clothing brand. That kind of just stops a lot of like the latest trends.

Nice Clothes at Affordable Prices

And stuff which I really really like they’re always keeping their stock up to date, with what is on trend. But they also have a lot of different things as well, whenever it comes to wearing clothes.

I don’t tend to like to wear clothes that everybody is wrong specifically, but I do like to wear some trends that come in and out and something I really love like I saw at first is that they keep with the trends.

But they actually are quite different as well, which I love do they’ve got really good selection of clothing on their website, and also they are super affordable as well really inexpensive.

So you know it’s not going to be too pricey to be able to be trendy, and be able to get good clothing which is amazing. So I’m gonna be talking through some of the stuff that I got, anyway.

Let’s get into this whole piece of the first clothing item is gonna be this job that I’m wearing. I actually got this in two colors so this is basically a crop top, and it just has this cool checkered a print on it.

You guys know I love a good check, and of course it’s in the classic black and white. Which you guys know I love this kind of thing anyway I love good I want to crime anything.

And then I also picked up in a super bright color because I’ve been told I should wear more yellow. I usually tend to wear more muted yellows, but this is a really nice bright yellow and it has the exact same print on it, and it’s quite cropped.

And I decided to pick this up in a size 10, which I’m usually an 8 and that’s just because I find that I prefer these crop tops when they’re more of a box cut to be just a little bit bigger than normal on me, personally.

Next on the pile of clothes we have this, and you guys know how much I love off the shoulder tops. This one is spotted and I just love it it’s that stretchy kind of material which i think is perfect.

Because if you’re like me, my chest is a little bit bigger. So even though I wanted to get this in a small a lot of tops, when they’re not stretchy like this, it can be really hard for it to fit my boobs and my tummy and like everything all.

That one it’s got like a ruffled top which is super pretty, and I just love this, I think it’s really simplistic and again you can start this up by the chains that you wear, accessories.

The way that you just are your hair and makeup, it’s simplistic so you can definitely dress this up. But the fact that it’s got the spots all over it just adds a little bit or something to it, it’s quite vintage ish.

And I like it also, I picked up this slogan t shirt and if it wasn’t some good slogan t shirt and this just says sold out on, and I just thought this was so cool.

I love the red on the white and then it’s kind of like, I just really love it. I picked this up in a size medium as well, because I wanted it to be a little bit larger. I didn’t want it to be too tight to me.

Just because I’ve been really feeling lately oversized t shirts, like I’ve just been liking to wear them personally. Because I feel like when it gets a little bit cooler, and I cut my leggings again.

Because if I wear leggings now, I’m going to stop breathing like it is just too hot to working, and I also picked up on the same kind of theme.

This Chicago t shirt, now again it’s on the same kind of level I picked this up in a small this time. But this one looked a little bit oversized on the model anyway, so I thought this small would be perfect.

The fun and everything just makes it look a little bit more than something basic, but I really like this for a casual outfit, it’s just so easy to style. I love a good slogan or like a location t shirt that make sense like location whereas like Chicago or Los Angeles.

You know it’s just a classic, this is what I mean when I say I sort of bust has things that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and I really like that just because sometimes I like to dress different like, just wearing a piece that I haven’t necessarily seen anywhere else.

And when I saw this I was like, I like this. so this it’s long sleeved in everything so bit too hot currently like almost that you’re 5 degrees where I am right now degree Celsius, so it’s quite warm.

This is basically a rugby style cropped top, it’s long sleeved and I’m not gonna lie, it’s quite thick material. So it may be a little to arm up this current moment in time to wear this, just love the block colors.

So it’s mainly Navy it’s got a coffee green color, it’s got red and also cream and this is just so cool like I don’t know what it is about this. I know this would be everyone’s cup of tea but when I saw this I was like, Lela likey.

Well whatever I vibe with like if I just see something and I’m like that’s cool I want to wear, it I think the water trying to tell me to jump on a plane.

Okay you guys are about to be blinded by this top. I don’t know if it’s gonna do it justice, but this is the brightest orange I’ve ever seen. No, it’s not doing it justice this is fluorescent orange.

When I saw this I was like wow, this is so cool like guys can you see it’s illuminating my face. They print t shirt and again, I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else I just thought this was so cool.

This says California on it and it just has this really cool, retro looking print on it of palm trees and the Sun and just is so cool and I loved that it was this bright orange.

I don’t know anything like this, very few orange things I I think I have a hoodie somewhere around maybe at my old house, but so cool stuff like this just because, it’s such a statement in itself.

You really don’t have to do much else, so next I have a jacket which again like I said it’s a bit hot right now to wear a jacket, but it still gets kind of chilly in the evenings maybe.

But this is a little bit more for just when it cools down a bit. I picked up this windbreaker jacket and I don’t own any other windbreaker jacket. So I saw this and I thought it was so cool the cookie is white black and gray, still my favorite color guys.

I know I bought the fluorescent orange t shirt, but I’m still a monochrome girl you know. So I saw this and they they actually do this in a few other colors I decided to pick up in this.

Just because I could imagine wearing this and most often, it’s nice and lightweight which makes it perfect to wear in this kind of weather if I wanted to bring a jacket.

Throughout the material of this because it’s not really noisy like you know some windbreakers it literally sounds like you’re wearing a plastic bag. Doesn’t feel or sound like a plastic bag which is great quality material because I have this cocky cropped jacket.

Now this one doesn’t have a hood. So it’s got a little more of a collar kind of look, and I really really like this, I think this is again just super simplistic kind of like a windbreaker material similar to the material of the last one.

But it doesn’t have a hood and it’s a little bit more like a bomber shape, just because is elasticated at the bottom and at the wrists and stuff like that so it looks a little bit more cup on my jacket.

But it has a collar just like to function the last jacket. I have is this white one I love a good white jacket and again it’s similar to the last one, but it is white black and red.

And you guys know how to feel about this kind of color scheme is, so pretty. I really really love this. This is definitely a statement I feel like any white jacket is a statement.

Just because you have to really think about what you’re gonna wear underneath there. I think this would look really cool like a black band like YouTube kind of taught underneath it.

And maybe with jeans or black something’s black girls on the bottoms as well, that would look sick or something. I’m like already making outfits in my mind, you know I’ve got all of those jackets and then the recipes off bottoms.

Now your goal has been on the hunt for some good mom Jean, nothing on the hunk for and I’ve got three pairs of potential mom jeans.

So let’s see what we’ve got, the first one is this pad now it’s a roomful Lou Jean and this one has no rips in it. Whatsoever I’ve got this in the size of 26 by the way because the sizing is a little bit interesting, I didn’t really understand the sizing of this one.

But I got 26 which I believe was the smaller size that they had, and it fits me okay for long jeans it fits me okay but with a belt please look super cool. So I got these where they’re looking on that Bhagya style.

With about I think about it’s necessary for this kind of thing, comparison to the previous one it’s a little bit more of a washed out Jean color, and then also it has rips in it as well it.

Has rips everywhere pretty much and yet, it’s a little bit more of that washed out kind of color which is pretty cool. Also picked up this color, which as you can see in comparison from this one is even more washed out on the light.

So pretty much about three different shades of mom jeans, and this one is a little bit skinnier like the buttons get a little bit skinnier a little bit more fitted. I bet again it still sticks with the mom Jean theme.

And it has rips all over it as well, so yeah those are pretty much the mom jeans I picked up only the last item of clothing is this pair of camo pants, and when I saw these I was like I like the look of these.

Because they’re very lightweight looking, and they’re not jogger style and I feel like so many camera pants or jogger style and I don’t have any that really fit me well.

I could put a belt on and when I saw these I was like potential, they’re actually a little bit stretchy which is nice. Just because I don’t like the style where, you kind of pull it and it just feels like it’s not moving.

This can be stretched a little bit which is nice, so I can wear about with this which is tick tick for Laila. I love wearing belts with all every single item of clothing kind of feels weird to not wear a belt now, sometimes I’m like, can I wear a belt with these chokers.

Not joking but I like this because it’s not Joker style, but at the bottom they’re cuffed and jogger style but they’re not jogger material. So super cool, then last but not least guys the last thing I have to talk to you about is a pair of shoes.

So I bought these, which obviously wouldn’t go with pretty much anything that I have these are a little bit more for when I’m wearing a dress or something. Just for this summertime, I’m not really a sound I’m kind of go.

But these are if I was to wear them, I would wear them because they’re not super girly, they’re a little bit more like chunky and I just like it and they’re all black with the espadrille looking like woven material going around it.

And then it has a thick black strap that goes around the ankles so I really like these, and I think that these are perfect for anyone that wants to wear a sandal but doesnt want to look too overly girly.

Because I feel like the platform, and just everything in the fact that it’s flat just makes it look a little bit more like, casual looking guys as the end of this clothing haul.

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