Minnie Mouse Clothes for Toddlers

Hey everyone! Happy Halloween so to end this series, I thought I would do a cute little DIY on my daughter Lacey’s Halloween costumes.

So if you’re new here that is my precious little baby, and I’m going to be making her costume in this website, so I decided to go from Mickey Mouse, I’m starting out with this headband and I just got this at Hobby Lobby on sale.

I just decided to cut the bow off since it was a basic black headband, and I was just going to add my own stuff to it.

Minnie Mouse Clothes for Toddlers

So right here I’m just cutting and peeling this off, and then I just picked off all the glue to start fresh.

Now on to the ears, I’m using some black glitter felt and I am just flipping this over to the back side and folding in half, and then I’m just using a powder compact for the stencil of these ears.

I left a little bit hanging off of the edge because I didn’t want it to be a perfect circle. I wanted there to be a little fold where, I was going to wrap that around the headband.

I’m just cutting around this white eyeliner, that I used and since this is on the back side you don’t have to worry about this showing because it’s just going to be glued together.

And make sure all your edges are even kind of flip it over and see how you like it, make sure it fits on your headband the way you want.

And then go ahead and cut the other one out. To attach these onto the headband you are just going to take some hot glue, and first put it right in the center fold of your ear.

And then you’re going to place that right on the bottom part of the headband, and then push that upwards just to make sure that it is really on there, and secured.

Then once you have that kind of pushed up in secure on the bottom, then you can go around to the outer rim of the ear, and just place a thin layer of hot glue you don’t need to use like an insane amount.

Because the littlest bit will make this sealed up and good to go. So you’re just
going to place that there, and then smoosh it over and make sure that your
edges are all lined up when you do this.

For the bow, I decided to make my own out of this red glitter tulle and let me tell you guys, this stuff is a mess.

So that probably wasn’t the brightest idea, on my part having glitter all over a one and a half year old its it’ll work.

I just tied this off to the side on the I guess right here, it doesn’t really matter. You could always use a premade bow if you wanted to but I just wanted this to match the tutu I was going to make.

So I just tied a bow, and then just kind of messed around with it fluffed it up a little bit so that it looked nice and cute.

Then I decided to cut out a little circle of white felt to put on the knot of the bow, most of the bows I’ve seen on costumes had, you know white polka dots or whatever.

So I wanted to keep with the Minnie Mouse theme, and put the little center of the bow as white, and now we’re going to move on to the tutu.

I could have used elastic, but I decided to make this easy on myself and use a pair of bloomers that already fit her they were already her size.

I didn’t have to do any measuring. I literally just cut the excess off and use the elastic band. We don’t ever use these on her, I don’t know what outfit these came from.

But they’re kind of see through that’s the reason I don’t ever use them. So anyway, I just use that for my elastic and then you’re going to double over the tool.

Because you’re going to kind of tighten the knot so you’re gonna want to measure it and make sure it’s the length that you want it.

You can do it as long or as short as you want to since she’s going to be wearing some black leggings, I did hers a little bit shorter.

So it looks kind of like a felony to two, and then I’m just going to be doubling that over, and then I’m going to be putting this on to the elastic.

I kind of poked a little hole where you know made the loop. I guess this is really hard to explain, but I just did that, sorry for that horrible explanation.

I just really don’t even know how to describe what I’m doing here, so anyway I just kept doing this with all of the tulle pieces until this was a very full tutu.

So about halfway through I ran out of this glitter tulle, and then I went back
to Michael’s to buy it again and they were out of it.

I ended up buying just a plain red and mixing the two, so it ended up looking really cute after all. But basically what I did was just applied as much of the glitter tool as I could.

Then I went back with the regular red and between each one, so it kind of alternated every other, and then developed looking very very cute.

Just I guess life lesson you might need two roles a tool or a tutu. So anyway moving on, I wanted to create little white dots.

So I just found something the size of the white dot that I wanted, and then I traced it on to the white felt.

I just used the cap, or I guess the entire bottle really of this nail polish. I just thought it was the perfect size for her tutu so like I said, you can use anything.

The center of a tape roll just get creative, so I just took all of these and it took forever, but I cut each one out and just made sure that I made them all as close to the same size as possible.

And you guessed it more hot glue so I took each little dot here, and put some glue on to the back, and I started at the top of the tutu and just kind of apply them into a little pattern.

I tried to make sure that I got each dot on just one piece of tulle, so that it didn’t all stick together when she was wearing it.

But I just made a ring around the top of the tutu, and then for the second row. I went back in between each dot.

You’ll see it kind of made a little bit of an irregular pattern, but I just wanted to make sure that it was fully covered in our little white polka dots.

So the last part of the costume is the shirt, so what I’m doing here is just taking this little black shirt, and I’m going to be using some fabric glue.

I’m cutting out a piece of wax paper to stick in the center of the shirt, to make sure that I don’t glue the shirt closed together, and she can’t get into it.

So I am just putting that there you’re going to need some fabric glue and some pearls. I thought I was going to use some lace, but I didn’t end up using it.

So what I’m doing here is just dumping out all of the pearls to kind of see what I’m working with, and I wanted to make it look like she was wearing a little necklace.

Because I didn’t want to just like put a necklace on and like have her be bothered with it the whole night, so I decided it would be easier if I clued it on to her shirt.

So I’m just kind of laying this out in the basic shape that I wanted, once you’ve settled on the shape, just remove the majority of the pearls leaving just a few for the outline.

Then I’m taking this white eyeliner, and just kind of going through, and marking out where I’m going to place my glue.

So I’m just applying this you know section by section I didn’t want to have too much, and then have it dry on me.

So I’m just kind of doing this little by little, probably about a fourth at a time and then I’m just going to be dropping those pearls on to my little line of glue, making sure that they keep with the shape that we outlined.

And once you’ve done that you want to make sure that you let this set for an appropriate amount of time. I let her stride overnight, and this is the finished look.

Okay guys, if I invited you to make a Halloween costume, and now I will invite you how to make makeup for Halloween.

This is the makeup I started by clipping my hair back out of my face, and then I primed my face to make sure that my foundation would stay on all night.

And then I applied concealer under my under eye circles, and where I had any redness on my face and then I applied a thin layer of liquid foundation to make my skin.

Then I set everything with a pressed powder and then, I put bronzer on my face and then under my cheekbones and on my temples and under my jaw.

And then I highlighted my face on my cheekbones, and just on the high points of my face and down my nose, and then I’m using this pink blush.

I applied that to the apples of my cheeks and then I brought it up towards my temples a little bit, and I did that on both sides.

Then I used this bronze color and I took a tiny eye shadow brush, and I applied that on the sides of my nose to contour a little bit.

I brought that up to my eyebrows to make it look more natural and then I primed my eyelids because I do not want my eyeshadow to fall off during the night.

The next thing that I did was take this creamy Revlon quad of eyeshadow basis,
and I applied that all over my eyelid just to make a nice space for all of the
colors that I apply later.

I did that on both eyes and then I also use this up on my brow bone for a highlight, and then I took the shimmery black color.

I applied that into my crease, with my crease brush using a windshield wiper motion, and I just blended that until it gave it a smoky effect.

Then I took this whitecolor, and I applied that all over my lids with my elf eyeshadow brush so I just mainly focus that on the center of my eyelids, and then I blended it out into the crease color.

I applied some black liquid eyeliner, and I gave myself a little bit of a wing. I did that one box and then I smudged a little bit of brown eyeliner on my lower lash line.

That’s how it looks, so far and then I applied my favorite mascara onto my eye lashes, and you can’t forget the bottom one.

I took a dark pink lip stain and applied all over my lips to prep them. For the red color that I’m going to apply, and I’m taking this covergirl.

I think it’s like cherry or something like that and I just applied the red color all over my lips. Because I thought red lips would be best for my Minnie Mouse costume.

And then I cleaned up the edges a little bit with some concealer because I bought it outside of my lip line, don’t want to dot all over your face, and then I blended that out.

Then next I took a black eye liner and I started to draw on my nose, I just started by making a little line in the middle and then physica tamir so I could see I drew a line in the middle.

And then I started filling in the bottom and then I filled in around my nostrils, and I just tried to make like a little round shape on top of the triangle.

That I made just like so and then I just filled that in and this is how it looks like and here’s a close up on the eyes again the finished look and the nose.

And for you, I say thank you, for taking your time to read my website, and hopefully everything I explained earlier can be useful for all of you.

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