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Hi welcome to king size big and tall menswear in garlic. Today to dispel the myths regarding big and tall menswear shopping.

Some of you might assume that a big and tall man sharp is some godforsaken place for big lads have to go in, and she’ll be lucky to get something to fish. So lots of people ring us all the time accidents if we have a shop to find us online.

They’re inquiring where we are and what we do, and the future no we decided to put a website together to explain to you what we do.

And in our shop, we have a sharp here in Galway and a sharp in dublin in the stephens green shopping center. We specialize in three areas, we specialize in clothing for big men.

They’re big heavy men 2xl from 2xl object Axl, it’s if you have trouble getting a shot to fit you in a regular shop. This is the sort of this is what I’m talking about, a short for example that’s I he’s got the short in a three XL.

King Size Mens Clothing

We do those shorts from three XL 2xl, we do polo shirts t shirts we do waistcoat hoodies jeans jackets. Other than you’d expect to find in a menswear store, we do the very same stuff.

The only difference is our stuff instead of being small medium and large our surface 2xl 3xl 4xl, and so on so if you’re sitting somewhere read this website wondering would to have my size customer.

For xeler I’m a 6xl, we have your size. In anything to do with a big size there isn’t a shop in Ireland that has as much stuff in big sizes as we have, and no matter what you’re looking for if you’re looking for example for underwear.

We do jockey underwear, when the best underwear brands in the world everything available from two XL 2660. We do leather belts from prob of comfort, let’s say a German brand we do bills up to 60 inches long.

They are absolutely a massive you pull up calf with the huge, we do again shirts, we do t shirts, jogging pants, jackets jeans. You name it and everything is available in both our shops in go away and are sharpened on them.

Also if you buy Antonov us online at four in our big range a king sized REE, for example if you bought this baileys jumper, in a three XL online tonight what happened tomorrow.

We come in we take this we take the jumper from the shelf, and we box it up and send it to you. That’s so if you bought something from king sized AE, it’s from this show up and come we don’t have a separate stock for what we have online? It’s we offer for sale everything we have in the shop both, in store and online.

And we also do a huge range of Maine stuffing, we’d have the biggest range of men’s suits big men’s suits and the Romero’s. On our suit start from a 48 which would be equivalent of a two XL in soothing terms and they go up to a 62.

Like a 62 in a 62 jacket in a long fish there would be very very few men in Ireland it honey, that we wouldn’t have a soup to fish. We also do chinos trousers in formal wear, we do shirts, internal shirts again a great German brand.

We do them from 18 inch neck up to 24 inch neck, the biggest the biggest form of shirts you get anywhere Nerlens. Our ties from extra long, so the Tigers an end up sitting here in your tummy it’s six inches longer than a standard tight.

We do dress trousers, you name if we do with braces having trouble keeping, your trousers up the only job. So that’s a brief synopsis of what we do in our big section.

And we also do tall men’s, go we also have a fair here in the shop if you want to bring in your kids and you think. I can’t do out the kids are gonna be run in the book, we even have a play area for them.

This section is for tall men, now does this meet that tall big and tall men show up. way to the caller the big and tall man job should all the habits big stuff that not a pro taller.

But King son is big and tall is called king size thing at all, because we do stuff for tall men and big men. Now the difference mean the tall, and the big sounds fairly evident, but on our tall lines our tall stock our website starts at 30 inches.

And goes to 44 inches, it’s for tall men from six foot four maybe up to six to seven foot for if the such a guy but guys. We’ve often k tanaka a seven foot tall, so the trousers as you can see from this like that trousers is a 36 inch waist, with a 36 inch leg.

So as you can see from that it’s for tall slim men, we do choses up to 40 inch leg, and we do the main chinos with your jeans we do dress trousers. We do extra tall suiting extra tall shirts, our shirts calm a standard man shirt would be for example 65 centimetres hours are 72 centimeters.

So every shark you’ll find in this range is narrow in the body but long in the sleeve, and long Andy and and long in the body. Again our Charles’s or thirty six or eight inch leg, jackets with extra long sleeves.

And we do suiting a huge range of men’s suiting, for example: That would be, I just put it on quickly demonstrate this is a 40 for this will be my size, I’m six foot talk this would be money sighs in a suit, in my ship.

But for a guy, a foot taller than me as you can see the sleeve is extra long and the party is excellent. Now on me that looks long, but on a man that’s 64 days it’s a perfect fit.

So all our towards doc is available also in both shops, but it’s available online on our website called available that tall Joey. So everything again and I think that spot ontology is packed from here and sent.

And finally the third area of the shop, which really sits with the tall guy cuz most of these guides of the same is our big shoes our Footwear section.

Which is available again involved shops, we do a footwear range of shoes dress shoes canvas shoes boots sport shoes from size 12 to 16. So every shoe that we have, and we do brands like Columbia front lloyd fans top brands in big sizes.

So for example if you take a shoe myself, that’s a sure i’m wearing in a size in a size, I’m a size 10. But i thought I had a decent foot and that for example thats a size 14.

So we’re talking about, proper shoes and again it tends to be people who have difficulty getting shoes to fit in a standard shoe shop, end up comin in toast. But every shoe that you see here is available in both shops.

We sell socks as well only in big sizes, again if you have trouble getting shoes to fit you more likely have trouble getting some stupid. And again, all our Footwear is available on another website big feet re that might confusing to have all these websites.

But for people who read this who have difficulty getting what they are want it won’t confuse them.

So also actually we have yet there’s a sample of our suit range, all of these soups are available up to 62, and we forward them go on in the extra line fits and everything up to the big sizes.

We also have spacious fitting rooms, for example here in Galway we have a fitting room. This size you could have a party in here, a massive fitting room and to some guys who are just want a bit of room if somebody needs assistance when they’re trained on earth.

And so I can go in with them, anyone that has a disability it’s suited for that and I think that’s it. So if you’re if you’ve been to see us before and you were wondering we’ve obviously read on the shop.

If you’re thinking are common to see is here, in go away or if your visitors in Dublin. We’d love to see you and if you bought off us online and you’re wondering how the stuff arrives at your door, hope that’s explained it somehow and if you’ve never been to us before you had a perception of big and tall men shops being Kipps.

Okay guys now I have a package and this time I will invite you to talk more about the package that I got. And I beg you to continue to follow me further, because that will give you more about fashion.

The package is packaged from a combination of companies, woman within Romans Jessica London. Bryant home king size and full beauty which represents plus size, and larger size as far as in pearl which I ordered.

And I actually ordered from the King size company and this is actually for someone else, but I’m gonna go ahead and and package it and check it out. So I’m just gonna slice across decide.

I was actually turned on to these deals, and I passed the word buy from sleek deals dotnet. So be sure to check them out everyday for daily discounted products, first thing we’re gonna check out this is cool flannel of the hoodie.

And this is eight X L, so huge sizes from the King size company and yeah, next we’re going to check out a police that was ordered and eight XL. So yeah, it goes to the side.

Next this is going to be another 8 exhale, and just bright red, fleece hoodie zip down drawstring. Next we have like a hunter green felt like this color combination.

And these are gonna be sweatpants want to bring got like dead golden or camel colors on the other side, a navy like a different type blue under sweat pants you know, this is a tech sale.

So if anyone who were the extra large big and tall sizes you can find your size, put a winner from king size the company. So definitely check them out.

The men big and tall actually this might be my favorite as far as color wise you have to plat the gray wolf of gray into blue stripe also it comes with the grey cat and hoodie with the drawstring.

I would package these all the way so you can see the size and personalities are not for me. So just wanted to show you how to arrive howdy with ship and tell you about this company.

You didn’t know to see this may be something that you would be interested in to the viewers, out there or as a gift for someone you know. Sometime it is hard to find the large sizes at your local retailers, and these could be cool birthday gifts or Christmas gifts or for yourself.

So check them out and by the way check out slick girls night net David deals in theory, and it’s a bonus get your king size a book. This is gonna be the winter sale for 2015 big and tall all the different gear, 30% off maybe it’s a yes a promo code you could use.

So as you can see various camo black gamma of all the types of stuff. Looks neat and I think D sizes start from tall large to 6 XL big extra large to eight XL, and I think most of these was like $9.99, most of these was $11 $13 $21 1750 11 bucks this whole entire order came up to 73 62.

So and that’s thanks to sleep deals for turning me on, and also for women you got one minute with in magazine. You know so another little small king size magazine at oranjee definitely pops right there when you’re dressing in layers for people in the Midwest especially, wouldn’t winter last longer.

So yeah and in northern areas, so hope you enjoyed the website just a quick unbagging. From king size on some cups, hope you enjoyed the website.

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