Its Fashion Clothes Plus Size

Hey guys! Welcome back to my website, so today I wanted to take you guys around one of my favorite stores in Dallas.

Its fashion Clothes Plus Size

It’s fashion now, they do not have a online shop but you’re able to go little whoops go to their website to see if there’s a store in your local area.

And another reason why I love shopping here is they actually have a 30 day layaway program, so if you’re not able to purchase everything at once you can put it on the way for 30 days just by putting down 20% of your purchased total.

If you’re not wanting to buy everything all at once, and one of their stores carried men’s and kids as well, this one in particular do not but they mostly all carry juniors plus-sized men’s antics and the sizes for the most part are pretty sheer size.

There may be a few of the clothes that you were little true size and the styling for their displays is pretty good and I’ve also seen some of the same stuff at Nordstrom Rack. So good deal, here we have so many really cute accessories purses shoes little keychain just anything that you would want all very trendy and a good price.

So I could spend hours in the store, I did actually this day I was in the store for like two hours trying to close, so I love this story.

Actually what I wore to shop just something cozy and casual, and I thought this dress it fit me really nice was a good size.

I just didn’t like the print it just like a curtain so no I absolutely love this shirt is so mean off the shoulder florals stripes, dramatic sleeves like I just loved it it was a good size very soft to get sure I loved it.

I really like this top to is kind of like a kimono kind of style, it was kind of big I’m wearing a 3x there they didn’t have a 2x but I really liked it I put it on that way, so it and I can’t believe I’ll put on a crop top. I really liked it it’s a really cute denim.

Then these jeans were so comfortable very soft. I just loved this outfit, I love little casual shirts like this so you can just use it to layer it was a good size.

I’m wearing it 2x like that and this jumpsuit, I really liked it it’s just it was too long and then it’s a zipper back and I don’t have anyone around every day. When I were probably to just zip it up for me so it was a no for me.

And I love this jumpsuit here is very easy and soft to put on, I’m wearing a 3x they’re probably gonna dip it to us it was kind of big in the waist, but I did like it a little print and his jumpsuit was really pretty too.

My sister was actually with me she was trying on the same one, so I really liked it left off the shoulder but just like the visual ability liner and this is actually my favorite outfit.

I’m in love with that skirt and that crop top is just perfect with this skirt. I absolutely loved it, I had to bring that home with me today.

So yes, I love that off it and this romper was really pretty. I liked it, I don’t have anything similar, I don’t think I look floral as you probably noticed and I can see it being key with the white blazer.

This is a cute outfit – my sister actually bought this same outfit, I love that print in that yellow color together it’s the same as that red when I tried on earlier the pants are really soft and stretchy.

Okay guys, I will buy it then go home and at home I have something that I will show you, and now I have arrived home and what I will talk about is GS love.

This is my first time trying GS love. I have about 11 items and only half of them, six cheers love basically is junior sizes but I think it’s like super junior sizing your securitizing.

I’m about an 18 20 22 from the bottom while these are more like 16 18, so if you are my side, I definitely suggest looking at a size chart because one the arms are meant for people with big arms and two the bottoms are meant for people with big butts and wide hips.

I think white heads must sit there and with their buttocks, is 50 inches when my hips are 56 inches so it’s 55 to 2 inches. So I only use the bottom to work for me so that it makes sure to look at the size chart and something a little bigger.

No problem lots of other think you are kind of small, so if you let me just jump into it my favorite item is this top which you’re not going to really see a good view of will be holding it up like you’re not gonna see anything like it’s.

Very difficult to show you what it look like, I can’t even show you so basically is it a wraparound top, and is it looks like nothing up like you will be able to see it because it’s a wraparound so I’m not even going to try.

I don’t even think I wrapped it right in the try arm, but you can view at the idea what it looks like it has like a puffy, let’s cut off her shoulder. The thing is a beautiful it’s one of my favorite favorite items and I can’t wait to wear.

It it’s so gorgeous! The 3x makes me great by the way everything. I got is a 3x and I’m really happy about, that right now I buy a 2 X and most things but if I got 2x any of these things it will be a wrap.

So I’m happy that I got I got this from Jackson. I’m glad to the size chart, that’s why I looking of the size chart we’re shopping online is really important.

Another one of my favorite things is this dress, is this high roll distressed drafts is what it looks like it’s hard for your court to see the gist of it but, it’s the stress on the sleeves it’s distressed in the front and the distress on the bottom in the you know the tail.

So I hope it’s a really gorgeous and even though it’s a 3x it doesn’t have any stretch, it fits me really well so some of the things just the sizing is kind of different for some things and that’s just how it is when you are you know shopping online.

You just don’t know how things are going to fit, this top is something that I’ve actually worn for credible to the parade, it’s just a striped top off the shoulder we can also wait a bit more like up.

But I kind of tried to wear it off the shoulder but y’all know other shoulder things they always fly up, and down but it also has a bow on the side and it’s just like really nautical I love it.

I wore it with some white shorts and you should tried out some of these things on snapchat, to not follow me on snapchat you should you’re missing out on include my snapchat information.

I am mindful because of our Instagram and our 50 closet on snapchat, so those are three things that I love some things I probably love the most and I got the most requests about was this romper on snapchat and this is what it looks like I’d also praised it out.

The shoulder it’s like a robber, but it’s like more like a penny but it’s covered in the back. Let’s do what the front looks like and have a good floral and it’s about court 3/4 of the sleeves and has a wrap has a tie around, I don’t know.

It’s hard to always show things which is holding it up and actually going to try arm but this wall is great, the material is kind of thin but it doesn’t look crazy or cheap or anything like I love this rubber.

And I’ll be like one of my most favorite items out of all the items that I got, I also love this is the last thing like super love and it was this top, which is like one of my favorite styles, it’s like the crocheted see-through top which you can just way with you can wear with like camisole you want to be more conservative.

Or you can be a thought like me into swimmer arms, and you can wear that’s a beach cover-up or you can just wear it up during the day or that night for sexy look, this is what this looks like and I love the color and I also love the crochet detail.

So another item that was super cute but just really not my style, it is off the shoulder number so this is what it looks like it’s all the shoulder and it’s like scuba material and has a scatter detail, it’s really cute.

But I didn’t like it I mean I think it’s just a bit too poofy for my style, but on its really beautiful and this blue always looks good on me the blue is just you know really beautiful and it comes with a choker.

Which is I think a really nice touch. So I love it, our means I’m excited so all the things that I don’t love will be included on my closet sale.

I don’t like tight clothes if you guys have you know notice, that but it’s this Cape bodycon dress and I have I should have similar one from another company on this website too, but the dress was just too tight a showed everything I had on a waste of shapewear now where am, I so that’s after that I have a shaker a girl.

And you can see the girl all through and because of the material and because it was so tight, but the color is look at this color on my skintone, it just mustard on my skin. So it’s just amazing and what I like about the Cape is that it’s actually like not long, it’s a good lens where it’s not dragging a lot of these case.

We dragon if you’re short or you don’t wake you, so I like the rest of it it’s so beautiful and it’s really sad. It doesn’t fit, but someone some lucky person like you can buy it and wear it.

Another item is this off-the-shoulder mustard dressing a lot of things or off the shoulder because if you didn’t know also, off the shoulder is a huge trend for this season it’s going to be a huge trend for awhile it’s just everything, I mean if you love.

I love to see my shoulders of clothes, I just feel beautiful and sexy so it’s definitely in this one looks like it has a split in the front, I wish the squid was a lot higher up because to me it’s just I prefer eyes with and this is a split.

I wish it went up about like five more inches, you can should really show your thigh and it’s a beautiful color, on me I love the color I’m not a fan of the fit on me I think I needed a 2x, this is the only thing where I feel it feel I felt like I need a smaller size.

So you just never know when you shop online how things are going to fit, they’ll also be included in my closet sale because although, I like it I wish I got the 2x. Something else that I love but I’m really sad doesn’t fit is this rocker again off the shoulder, this is what it looks like it’s floral which is always big you know for the spring in the summer and they’re just really cute.

The issue is I don’t have any stretch, I got shirts like in the top part but doesn’t have stretch down here where it comes around my hips and my belly and stuff like that which is where I need, the most fabrics.

And this actually fit, but I so they care for it is this t-shirt is supposed to be addressed what y’all it’s too small to be addressed it’s a 3x but magazines were like a 1x, more extra-large the nice pretty pink which will sit on my skin so I’ll just cause I picked.

Gran my skin tone this is what it looks like, but it’s it will be short and it would also be super tight how wet is my t-shirt but I always included in my closet sale, because I think it’s too tight on these.

Way too tight another, eyes arms that fits was just too small is this all the shoulder again, dressing to a shift dress and I have like ladders on the side which is a really good detail and it’s a pretty color.

It’s a blush color which looks good on my skin as well, and it just is scoop small I wish they fixed me like a 2x and not like a 3x so, let me go to my classic little tree but it is super cute and this really sad it doesn’t fit and it has a nice like it’s not fit or cheap or anything has a really nice fabric for me.

The quality of gs love is like hit or miss, some things are really good quality while some things are like mer quality. So I would advise you to just be aware of that when you’re purchasing.

Like that school bucks that super dresses that I wrote Allu super take great fabric, while the stripe nautical one which has become kind of thin, so I just need you to be aware that you can’t say, light to the closet did I tell you.

Just like any other brand something but really go for all you want something eight, so it just depends. I forgot this jumpsuit which is super small it doesn’t have any stretch, it’s this one it has to be cut off the shoulder.

But also have it leaves you know those thin straps since it is it at the top you know what it was without a good picture to have features, it took me more like a little bit more than one excellent fit me at all.

But this is what it looks like and it’s wide leg is really super-cute, obscure it doesn’t fit but I’m actually not surprised your based on the sizing everything else.

So another thing is this off the shoulder off white ivory dress and it’s what it looks like what we all the shoulder our years are the shoulder because it’s kind of tight and smooths out the shoulder and it’s a body card while having that like triangle overlay.

You’ll see it on but it’s really cute it’s too tight on me it helps my football, and it doesn’t do a good job of being on the shoulder because it’s tight it fits me more like a 2x but it’s cute, the fabric is spin because it’s white definitely do to make sure that your shapewear game is on point.

But it’s a really cute, I don’t and it’s inexpensive. So you’re selling you’re going to expect super high quality, for items that are like $30 you know.

So what some people like $60 they be like bro but because you don’t see a lot it makes that, another item is this supposed to be like a jumpsuit is actually like two separate pieces, it’s awesome.

I like to the pictures for the top and this is what the arms look like so that’s that top it’s really cute but super small look like isn’t that cute look it’s definitely 75 and it is wide leg is gorgeous but it can’t fit me.

This is more for someone that’s on 1x and not sort of the 3x super tiny, I don’t know who they’re making these things for but gross that’s wrong then you know go up to a 5 X because the things are too tiny to tiny I’ll forgot this to the last.

Item which is really cute but the Arlen to look this this part that’s great but then the arms are so tight if I have really big arms I guess bigger arms and other fat girls my arms are really big

So I need more than just this for the arms, so I even though it’s here I feel super tight in the arms. So I wish they would site of their arms the size of everything for girls like me who are 2022 but I did enjoy the things that I have and things that do fit, I love them.

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