Inexpensive Petite Clothes

My name is Lila and welcome back to my website today. I have a very exciting article for you guys and it’s all about pregnancy clothing tax or maternity clothing tax and tricks.

Inexpensive Petite Clothes

And things that I’ve learned along the way that helps to save me lots and lots of money in clothing and help to prevent me from having to buy a bunch of maternity clothing that I’m only going to wear for a short time in my life.

So I thought I would share these tips and tricks with you guys and hopefully they are helpful and useful to you. I should also mention that if you are read this that means I have already had my baby.

I am pretty writing articles so that I don’t have to worry about that for a little while after baby comes, I can just sort of sit back and relax. So if you’re wondering why exactly I’m writing articles after I’ve already had my baby?

that is why, before I get into this I actually want to just show you guys my closet real quick I have very little clothes. As you can see those two shirts there plus the one I it was wearing when I was filming with Bayeux are the only ones that I can wear at the moment and you have a couple of tank tops that still sort of fit but they are getting quite short because my belly is growing.

So much but I have two shirts I have two dresses that I can wear, I have like two maxi skirts like three pairs of pants and that’s including sweat and obviously a few cardigans so that is pretty much releasing somewhere that whole section of clothes that you see there like all those shirts so those are things that don’t fit me anymore.

I have been making do with very little clothing, but I still have many up tips that I can wear so I wanted to share with you guys with the things that I’ve been learning and doing to save money when it comes to clothing and without further ado let’s get started.

So the first thing I want to talk about is that something that I have been absolutely loving and wearing a lot especially in winter and the transition into spring is using maxi skirts in different ways.

So obviously you can wear back the skirts, just like normal a very comfy especially with the base pregnant belly because most two maxi skirts fit underneath the belly.

I’ve been loving them a lot and I’ve been finding them to be a lot more comfortable to wear than have but something that I learned from somebody else on YouTube.

I can’t remember where I found it, if you take a maxi skirt and hike it up over top of your belly it gives you a whole new look a whole new array of possibilities and things that you can wear the skirt with.

And different ways to dress it up it’s a special name for springtime and a little bit into summer because it raises the skirt up that it is not covering all the way down to your feet so your legs are a little bit exposed to get some more air in it’s a little bit more breezy.

I’ve been absolutely loving this and I’ve been wearing it a lot throughout the whole pregnancy, this will sort of have to do with that last one but it’s repurposing it your old shirts that no longer fit that are too small or maybe it’s not very flattering anymore.

So in loose super loose shirts and those really small tight ones this is the way that you can reuse those shirts while you’re pregnant and you can continue to wear them throughout your pregnancy so what I really like to do and I do this so often is when I put my Maxis skirt above my stomach.

I’ll take one of those shirts and either wear just underneath my maxi skirt so that it hides my belly If the shirt is too small or I will take it out from underneath the maxi skirt and tie it and either a nod or use a hair tie to sort of tie a bun into the shirt, and this just creates like a whole new look basically like a DIY make your own dress type.

If the shirt is too small or I will take it out from underneath the maxi skirt and tie it and either a nod or use a hair tie to sort of tie a bun into the shirt.

And this just creates like a whole new look basically like a DIY make your own dress type of or if you have any really short crop tops this’ll look really good at that as well.

It’s a really great hack that I discovered somewhere along the way and I have been doing it so often, it’s so great because then you don’t have to go out and buy new things you can just wear the same shirt that you’ve been wearing previously.

But in a whole new way this next one has actually saved me so much money throughout this whole pregnancy I have not bought any maternity jeans any maternity leggings no maternity pants whatsoever and a big part of it is due to this hack.

Actually I will I discovered this hack, but it requires taking an old pair of jeans that you had or your favorite pair of jeans that you love. But don’t want to fit into and simply cut out the pocket the front pockets of those jeans and replace it with a stretchy elastic band, the band is really really cheap.

I think when I went to go find it but I bought just a little piece like this big and I could make two pounds of that and they blasted me throughout this whole pregnancy I think this piece of fabric cost me like eight dollars.

So I saved myself so much money just buying back and sewing it into my jeans rather than buying maternity jeans that I can only wear women pregnant so I’ve been loving this hack I think it’s actually really quite cute.

And yes, it’s a great. So I highly recommend it something that I really struggled with about the twenty week mark of pregnancy is my belly was sort of at the stage where all my clothes just looked really from beyond me, because all my life I’ve dealt with bloating issues.

So I learned how to dress in order to hide my stomach and I found that when I got pregnant those loose fitting shirts that, I used to wear all the time just was really frumpy and not very nice.

And I wanted to show off my stomach because I’m obviously very proud of this little child inside of me, and I want to show it off so something I have to kind of learn and figure out was to get rid of those balloons shirts because they’re not very flattering.

Especially around the second trimester they’re just not very flattering, they hang loose over the belly and and maybe feel very frumpy and not put together. And yeah! So I went to Walmart and I bought a few t-shirts and a few tank tops that were super basic like the $5 planes t-shirts tank tops and I made sure to get them in a smaller size.

I guess I know people so often say to get them get shirts in a bigger size when you’re pregnant, but I actually got them in a smaller size because I was so used to just wearing oversized shirts and sort of tucking them in and sort of making them work to hide my belly but this time I bought I guess it shirts that actually would fit me like.

My actual size they were so much more flattering they were tighter fitting to be honest I don’t know if this is making any sense, but those shirts lasted me up until like a couple weeks ago.

I still could fit into the mail but, I do have to constantly pull them down because my belly is getting a little bit baked but they’ll last right up until like halfway through your third trimester.

So I would highly recommend just going out and buy super cheap super basic shirts that are tighter fitting and not super loose, they’ll last for so long and then you can wear them after your pregnancy.

As well, I’m sure lots of you probably already have a basic shirts in your closet already, if you do that’s great we should continue to wear them because they will work for you for a long time.

This one kind of shocked me a little bit when I first started wearing them and is arrested. I have become so much of a dressed person, it is so weird because I never used to be I hated wearing dresses they just I don’t know I don’t know why to be honest and just never address persons.

Now I found that they are just so easy, I think it’s a one-piece you don’t have to look for pants and a shirt and a cardigan or you know. But it’s just like a one-stop shop and you just put it on and you’re good and it’s so comfortable it makes it easier to go to the bathroom.

You don’t have to pull down your pants and they’re just so comfortable also on the topic of dresses, I have not bought any maternity dresses at all. I personally think they’re quite unnecessary to be honest because they’re very expensive and I mean I’m sure lots of them you can wear after pregnancy as well.

But I find that could be a waste of money to be honest because I can go to Walmart or Old Navy which is actually where I got my two favorite dresses that I’ve been wearing a lot lately, and just get like a stretchy tight-fitting dress or a looser dress that you can like tie belt around above your stomach.

To create an empire waist or I actually kind of like the look of a sort of like a t-shirt dress style but with a pregnant belly it actually looks pretty cute so I highly recommend going to like Walmart or maybe finding this super cheap dress.

And you’ll be able to wear it after pregnancy during pregnancy they’re so comfy and yeah it’s been a pretty much my favorite, thing especially in summer something that makes absolutely no sense to me is the pregnancy cardigans.

How are they any different from a regular cardigans, this is something that you should absolutely not invest in do not buy pregnancy cardigans unless it’s like super on sale or something because cardigans are something that you can if you’re pregnant or not pregnant.

They obviously don’t come over your belly or anything but I have been absolutely loving wearing cardigans. Because they just add so much more to a basic outfit, I’ve been wearing lots of very basic outfits just leggings or jeans and then a plain t-shirt.

So then a cardigan is a really great way to dress up any outfit and just make you look a lot more put together but do not go out a my pregnancy cardigan like I just I don’t get it something else that I’ve been wearing lots and lots is leggings and low-rise shorts these are the most comfy thing to wear while you’re pregnant.

Because they’re comfy they’re stretchy. You do not have to buy pregnancy ones, I know a lot of people who really love their pregnancy leggings but I have been wearing my same leggings that I’ve had since before pregnancy all the way up until now.

I’m wearing them today they still fit they’re comfy they’re stretchy, I don’t really understand the point in going out and buying new ones and the easy ones anyway but just low-rise loose shorts and stretchy leggings are great.

With all of these things that I’ve been talking about you can very easily get through your entire pregnancy without having to buy any maternity clothing, if you make those DIY maternity jeans and wear leggings and maxi skirts and dresses and then when your shirt are getting too small then you can start repurposing them.

And telling them above your belly and wearing the massive skirt above your belly, you can very easily get through a whole pregnancy so find maternity clothes but if you do feel like you absolutely meet you I would recommend going to Old Navy or Walmart.

I forgot three maternity shirt online at Old Navy they’re very comfy very basic I just love it she just ones I could find just very neutral color, so that I could wear them with anything and I can most likely wear these after pregnancy as well.

So we want to buy a maternity clothes, then I would recommend going to well maybe or Walmart or something like that I guess Target to you if you live in the States but in Canada we don’t have Target.

So Target Walmart or maybe those are great places to shop if you really really want to invest in some, and lastly when all else fails you could always go into your partner’s closet and where when I wear shirts.

Because they’re big they’re comfy they’ll fit they probably have a whole bunch of shirts that they never wear anyway, I know my husband does so for them days and I just don’t feel like trying or those days that I’m just at home going through his closets and I’ll find a shirt that.

I want to wear and it’s just it’s a company of thing comfy it’s easy and a great option when you’re running out of clothes when all of your own clothes are dirty and you have nothing else to wear.

So that is everything presents for you. I hope that this was helpful to you in at least some way it gave and you some ideas.

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