Emoji Clothes for Girls

Hello everyone! My name is Sara and back at my website, and now I will make a t-shirt design, and this is something that I used to do a lot when I was a teenager.

Emoji Clothes for Girls

I used to customize my clothes a lot, and it’s still really fun. I have my fabric paint still and you know if you go to any kind of an art supply store, or even I’m Walmart

I think they have certain types of fabric paint, you can buy some fabric paints and paint on your clothing, and then I think you generally iron it and that will set the color in place when you have your own personalized t shirt design.

So I’m going to a birthday party a little bit later, and I’m going to be giving a t shirt to the little girl, and I want to personalize a design just for her.

And so that’s what we’re going to do right now, okay so I have a basic little t shirt that I bought from our den yesterday, and you can get dark colors or light colors, just providing that the paint you have, will show up on that color.

So I have a couple of colors, I think for sure this yellow is going to show up, this one will show up a little bit less it probably won’t, it won’t really look as pink as, it is but I think it will it will show up.

Okay, so especially if I put extra layers, so like I said this is my favorite kind of fabric paint, I don’t know if we only sell that here in Quebec or Canada, but it is really good it lasts a long time on the t shirt.

You can wash it and it just it stays really nice, these are the bigger containers, you can also get little tubes of it, but today I’m going to try to paint an emoji face on here that, the kissy face emoji.

And so for my supplies, I have just a few little brushes, got some brushes I have a white pencil crayon, so that I can map out my design a little bit before I start to paint.

I have some water, because this paint is water based and if I want to change the color, I’m going to dip it in there and then dab it on this the cloth I have, so this is my little design practice.

It’s always important to sketch out your design before you actually start painting on a shirt, I’ve ruined lots of shirts through the years when I was too impatient to actually map out my design.

But I think this should work, I was going to maybe write so sweet come aside and I think she’ll like it, so one really important thing is that you put something inside the pee shirt.

Because if you don’t, then the fabric paint will probably go right through to the back of the t shirt and that’s not going to look good.

I’m going to start with the yellow, actually I’m not going to paint yet I’m going to start with the drawing, it’s my Michelle. Okay, also try to make sure you’re in the very middle of the shirt.

So the problem, I’m having right now is that the shirt is so stretchy that when I pull it pretty much just stretches the fabric, and I can’t. I can’t really draw but I’m still mapping it out in my mind, and it’s still going to help me.

Believe it or not! Okay that’s the best I can do all right start with this one can. I shake it up, I like to just use the paint in the cap, makes it easy.

You see when it’s a little bit see through like that, you want to try to keep going over that place until a solid line.

At least for this style, if you want to make it look more like sketchy and more like it’s a crayon or paint kind of a drawing, then you don’t have to make the lines really solid.

All right! So there’s the yellow and now I want to put the pink color just inside that heart, and hopefully it will be bright enough.

If not, I can do two layers of it, that’s pretty good actually. I got to be careful going close to the yellow because the yellows not dry yet.

You know! I think I just sort of put a few hearts around, so that’s about it the only thing I’m noticing now is that some of the yellow, is drying and it’s getting a little bit transparent.

So I’m just going to add a little yellow to those parts, and it’s finished. That’s all there is to it and if you feel like working with a brush on fabric would be a little difficult to start with.

There’s another method that I’ve used the floor, where you can buy or or even make a stencil and you put that on the t shirt, and then you get one of those stencil sponge brushes and you just dab it.

And you don’t have to try to paint anything, you can just stencil words or pictures, it’s just super easy. So now what do, I have to leave this shirt the way that it is until it’s fully dry which would take a few hours.

Okay friend, now we have to wait until the shirt is dry, and to wait for my shirt to dry, I’m going to be showing you how to make DIY emoji cushions.

And look how cute they are, I also made a giant one too because, why not? How amazing of these, I’m so so happy with how they came out.

They are so much cheaper than buying them from the shops and save more on your money.

So for this DIY you’ll need a range of felt in different colors yellow for the emoji face, and then blue white blacks and reds depending on which expression you want to make.

Then you’ll need a needle and thread, you can use fabric glue but in my experience it just doesn’t work as well, a pen scissors a circular object to use as a template.

I’ve just got a lovely salad bowl a glue gun and stuffing, the first thing to do is draw around your template onto the yellow felt, this will be the emoji face and the line will be the line to sew around.

Cut around the line leaving a little extra space between the line and the edge of the felt, make two of these and then flip the felt so the two pieces are back to back.

With the markings on the outside because we will end up flipping this inside out, so the markings are on the inside, now sew along the template lines for this I like to use a back stitch but it’s completely up to you.

I also used a few pins to hold the felt together but this is completely optional, I just think it helps a little bit, make sure you don’t surround the entire circle leave a very small gap at the end, so you can flip the cushion inside out.

This will put the markings on the inside so they’re hidden, and now it’s time to stuff your cushion so the amount of stuffing that you use is completely optional it depends how big or small or squishy or hard you want your emoji cushion to be.

Once you’re happy with the level of stuffing sew up the hole, now it’s time to work on the facial features, so for this I grab myself a piece of paper and sketched out the face I wanted to do.

This gave me an idea of the size of all the pieces I needed to cut, then I cut these out as templates laid them on top of the felt and cut around them.

So for the kissy face you’ll need a love heart, one open eye one closed eye to eyebrows and a kissy mouth, and then you’re just going to stick down all these pieces where they go with a hot glue gun.

Pull the Laughing cry face you’ll need a big smile in black felt, a thin white strip for the teeth two blue teardrops two eyes and two eyebrows.

For the turn out face, you’ll need another big smile in black felt a tongue in red felt one closed eye.

And then for the big open eye, I did three circles one big black, one big white and one small black and layered them all on top of each other.

For the little glasses face which I absolutely adore, you’ll need a smaller smile in black felt, two white front teeth, two eyes and then a big pair of glasses.

And finally for the crime face you’ll need an oval in black felt, and a half circle in white felt this makes the mouth and the teeth, then you’ll need two eyes two eyebrows, and two long strips to make the water coming from the eyes.

Okay, my DIY emoji pillow has been made and now I’ll show you how to make this DIY emoji inspired Halloween costume.

So I really hope you will enjoy this article and also find it helpful, so I guess we’ll further adieu we can get started, so to make this you will need a plain black shirt, some printed emoji faces transfer papers scissors and hot glue gun.

So the first thing I’m making is this emoji holder thing, what you will need to do is find an emoji face of your own choice, and print it out as big as you can.

Once it’s printed, carefully cut it around, now it’s better to put it together with a harder material and what I use for this is a shoebox cover.

I cut it exactly the same size as the emoji face, and then I put them both together and using a hot glue gun, I attached it to a stick, this is how it finally turned out.

And now let me show you how to make the emoji face shirt, for this you will need some transfer paper for dark fabrics, and I found mine at Michaels.

So go ahead, and find some of your favorite emoji faces and print it out onto a transfer paper, so the next step is very important and I recommend you to ask an adult to help you with that.

So place your shirt into a hard surface area and then pre Iran to release moisture and remove wrinkles, peel the backing sheet from the transfer paper and then place the emoji face on the shirt.

Now you can organize your emojis in any way you like, but I recommend you to go with three emojis per row, so it makes it easier later on.

And then I place the parchment paper over all the images making sure to cover as much as possible, glide the iron very slowly over each area of the entire transfer for around nine to 220 seconds in total.

Carefully remove the parchment paper and now repeat exactly the same thing for the next part of the emoji faces, and just for safety reasons.

I decided to keep both parchment papers on while I running it, once you or your adult have ironed the shirt for around nine to 220 seconds, remove both parchment papers and look at the result.

And this is how mine turned out and I absolutely love it, it’s one of my favorite shirts right now, so let’s see the final look, I’m in love with a shirt because it’s so unique and you can customize it in any way you want, so I’m wearing the shirt which I made myself.

Those guys are articles that I can convey to you, and hopefully the article above can make us more creative in making our own clothes, because in addition to making us happy, it will also save us more money.

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