Diva Boutique Plus Size Clothing

Welcome back to the my website! I wanted to be the kind of person that wears the choker but I’m not that kind of person.

Diva Boutique Plus Size Clothing

So you know I wanted like I just press the up volume. I’m yelling at my kids shut the TV off be quiet. I’m trying to hear something, meanwhile like if you just talk louder to begin with you know, you can control the volume.

I just wanna give you something to work with boo boo that’s it, so today finally we’re doing a boo boo haul, so I had let’s just keep things very real right now right.

So I ordered this stuff on the 3rd of July at least it was this month, and it showed up yesterday which was the 20, you guys know what day it was?.

It was the 21st, but you know what other kind of day was, so it showed up yesterday I’m 21st and so that’s how many days.

So I’ve heard a lot you guys complain about boohoo’s shipping before, and I’ve had to wait a longer period than anticipated before.

The only reason that this annoyed me so much, is because it said it was gonna get here last Monday like not the Monday from this week.

But the Monday prior to that and I was like sweets. I’m gonna have it I can take it on my trip.

No, finally it was like Tuesday and then it was like Wednesday and then I was like Thursday and I was like well damn I leave tomorrow.

And I don’t think it’s gonna show up before 9:00 a.m. so, I never having to like go out and buy other stuff to accommodate.

My needs for the weekend so, that’s why I was so annoyed but Boo Boo’s prices are so good, but I cannot be that mad the shipping.

Some part about pages for the faster shipping which you know then it gets here in like a normal amount of time, versus like two freakin weeks or two and a half weeks.

I guess but, anyway when I ordered this stuff it was for July 4th so they had, like a holiday sale going on, so I got it all for 60% off.

What I like boo hoo I like their prices, I really do it, and their things can be very hit or lost to me, but if I watch a boo hoo hole, it might not be hit or miss.

So you read this article and then, I will tell you what is hissing and one of them, because we are subject to boo boo.

Okay, it’s bad, but let’s jump straight into it and I’m really going to start with what I got my child and I have two things, because he uses the other.

I like their little set. I like their girl clothes and their boy’s clothes, I think they’re just cute Super Dupers.

So I got it, it was Brooklyn women’s sportswear and only around 6:40, which cost $ 640 cents, like clothes for my child that cost six dollars, and she looked really funny.

So I posted it on Instagram even though with a very good story about it, you know my child and and grew up and became fat and like a very sentimental thing.

So don’t hesitate to check it out, but I also gave him this little set, so this is a short set and this is his favorite color.

So the bottom is just shorts and then the boss on top, this little shirt that says Aloha and this one must be like its favorite color, which is why we bought it.

This is only eight dollars and he seems to be very eager to wear it in summer camp or whatever.

I know it’s like something light and then this one, I just think it’s funny and I hope it’s like the eyes of this great person.

But it only says fried yay and it’s a small plant but no, it’s not super short like if he only has normal jeans on, it might be like that a lot of his stomach might pop out.

But it’s only four dollars, so if you have small kids who have kids clothes and they have, my man’s clothes never buy anything from my male side.

Doesn’t think, so but maybe I will give you the shot you want see I dress a man, because I know some what am I facing you too maybe here for that.be

But let’s jump into women’s items and you know what I will give my favorite, first thing you don’t need to wait if You have no time, this is all you need to see as a whole.

I’m just kidding Don’t go, I’ll be very angry with you and you know I know, when you go you know that right YouTube tells us everything.

It’s called the yasmine gingham is it do you say Kingdom, or Kingham am I thinking wrong squirt squirt and I got this in a size it says 22, so it’s probably us u.s. 18 and it is pretty stretchy.

It’s super cute it’s nice and thick so it does kind of disguise like the belly area plus with the print. I just think it’s it’s ridiculously cute and it is black and white but like when I look at it here, it’s kind of like a almost like a faded black.

It’s it could probably I don’t know if you were trying to pair it with navy. I could see potentially doing that like, no I’m saying and this was only $12.

$12 I guarantee you I would have paid $55 for this or whatever at a torrid or wherever like, this is nicely made this is a good quality like and it fits.

So nicely and it’s not crazy short but like if I was really bending over and going to town, then for sure the cheeks would be like they believe they’d be coming out to play off the bottom there, but it’s so cute.

So then I bought a couple of different tops to try to pair with it. I wonder how this little thing will look with it, I don’t know but I bought this blue or this blue top this white top.

Maybe I said blue because it has like a little bluish like tinge to it, and it’s just ribbed and it’s long sleeve and it’s very open in the front and it is a crop top.

It’s a little bit big around like my waist, but just for this skirt I would probably have to like kind of tuck it in and kind of cinch it a bit in the back.

And this one I’ve got in the size, u.s. 20 and it’s a plus Jessica ribbed plunge neck shirt, and I paid eight dollars for it eight.

I’ve seen a lot of comments lately about my the size of my chest. I get comments about it all the time, and I think people think that somehow he got smaller, it didn’t my chest has always been very modest.

You girl works with her girls and everything’s good over here, so don’t concern yourself with my boobs, so anyway this would work really well without a bra.

But I would probably need like some kind of. I probably have to wear like, like nipple covers like some kind of petal or something, and I can’t find mine.

So I don’t know how to show you guys these clothes that show my nipples, I’ll figure it out before I do that portion.

So next up along with that white shirt I thought, it might work with these pants as well there were something about these pants on the model.

The a but I was just drawn into them, because this is not something I typically sort of, you know go towards, this is the + Diane pleat front trouser and I got this in a size u.s. 20.

Because I wasn’t sure how he was gonna how the material is gonna fit like, if it’s gonna be real stretchy or not. I’m sure I could have looked to see what it was made out of, but it’s not my style so.

They are very stretchy and I love the two pleats in the front, because between the the pleats and the pockets, it really disguises like the belly area.

I do wish that it was a little bit more tapered at the ankle, it’s a little bit wide for my liking and it’s a little bit long. But I might just have it taken in because they were very inexpensive.

What did I say they were called Jessica? No, Diane yeah! Diane was only $12.80 and they’re just they feel like a really nice quality.

He’s got like a nice thick band on top it does feel like the kind of band it’s gonna flip, you know I’m talking about right when the elastic ivy inside flips, it’s really annoying.

But they’re so nice and I’m like, I would love to have like a nice pit up, pit a nice pair of fitted trousers, so I thought that might like good, look good with that, white shirt as well.

Next set it just looked good on the model, ice probably the same model. I love the blond haired model like skinny like white blond haired model, that maybe they all look like that and now that I’m thinking about it.

I think that’s what entices me to shop abou who is there models like, some places like ASIS for instance: Their models don’t do it for me all the time.

Like I look at the clothes on their bodies and it just doesn’t like push me to buy, but there are other places around my ding.

I just can’t resist it because the model makes it look so good, and that’s kind of like a double edged sword because sometimes it only looks good on the model, and I get it and I look crazy, but whatever.

There’s the kill them and they have a good they have a good mix over there so. I bought this set because it looks so good on the freaking model, it’s so cute.

It’s like what colors it’s kind of like a blush pink kind of color, and then it has these like obnoxiously big drawstrings.

And they are not functional, they don’t pull anything and I really like the shorts and they’re super comfortable and they’re like shorts that I would normally wear around the house.

So I thought that the shorts are really cute and the hoodie is definitely kind of a this is like a trendy piece. This is not something I would go out and spend a lot of money on because I would probably only wear it once or twice.

But it is really cute it’s got like, all the little cuts in the top there you know like all the slips that everyone is doing, and then it has the same drawstring but this one actually is functional.

And then it has a huge cutout on the shoulder, so it’s a hard core like cold shoulder and then it also has the ties on the end which, you guys are probably seen the ties all over the place.

Because they’re super trendy right now but, I love the hoodie on its own and I love the shorts on their own but together it’s a mess it does not look good together, but it does come as a set.

And this is the plus Ava distressed open shoulder, short lounge set and I got in a u.s. 20. What did I say her name was? Nancy Ava, Ava 16 bucks for the set so that’s 60 bucks for shorts Anna hoodie.

Next up, I got another cord set coordinates so good on her, butt and I knew this was a stretch. I knew looking at it that you had to be the perfect human being in order for that to look good on you.

And okey guys, hopefully this article can help solve your problem, especially about dress style.

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