Discount Plus Size Womens Clothing

Welcome back to the website! And I’m very happy on this beautiful day.

discount plus size womens clothing
Discount Plus Size Womens Clothing

But, I’m gonna first start off by saying shout out to everybody who’s hitting me up and they like, you look good or whatever enough for like, for me.

Weight loss is so iffy. Okay it’s just like, sometimes people see it in you before you see it in yourself.

Like I honestly looked at myself, every day I get up I’m naked cause I sleep like that, but that part to your mind.

But I look in the mirror and I do notice progress. But I just feel like, on the scale the progress is not the same.

Like it’s just like, I could lose 11 pounds within that two weeks but then, over here is just like nothing is being lost.

But I’m not changing too much and my eating habits and exercise and stuff like that.

So anyways, it’s an ongoing journey it’s like I said some people notice it in you before you notice it in yourself.

Like my friend we were in a store today, and she was like how you’re juicing going cuz that’s what she calls it that’s what I was calling it because I was having like, two smoothies a day.

And stuff like that and then a meal or a smoothie, just replacing meals with a smoothie or shape.

Anyways this is a review for our shop 500 boutique and I have a full body shaper.

I have a waist, I guess I’ll call it a shaper slash censure, but I’ll get the exact name when I actually pick it up and show you guys.

And then I have some caffeine cream and the plastic wrap. So I know like I said I’m gonna get the exact name for you guys, that I want to be, up here you know just blue churning.

So I want to show you guys, you know where I’m at? What I got to work on it and I want to show you guys, how I applied the caffeine cream.

I didn’t want to do this review a little bit later, but I didn’t want to get it out there to you guys.

Because I’ve been sitting like a lot of stuff on Instagram, that’s some of it today so I was like, let me go ahead and do mine.

So I’m gonna show you guys my before afters with the shapers and stuff like that I’m just gonna, we gonna get into it y’all.

So let me go get, that proper instruction on how to use each item the proper names, and so I can inform you guys correctly.

Okay, a lot of people was asked about the shaper and stuff on my snapchat, and I was like, I’m gonna do a review guys.

Like I have a long ways to go but I feel like I’ve come so far I look at my granny panty line.

But whatever, I ever my psycho but I don’t think that really blows me.

I have on like a little sporty bra thing. But, yes I think I’m coming along really well.

I’m not rushing the process. I’m taking all shit, I almost knock down the light, I’m taking it day by day. I see the court now okay, whatever.

So yeah, just working on myself and that’s from behind. So that’s what we’re working with, before I forget I do have a coupon code all lower cases the Quanah da qu a a, it’s for five dollars off.

And let’s go ahead and get into it guys, so what I have first? So first I want to talk about the black body plastic wrap and, the caffeine cream.

But the black body plastic wrap in the caffeine cream I don’t know why? But I’m really obsessed with it.

So, this is what we have here, I will do a little demo down here. And I will be reminisce on my belly and crap in my belly, and this looking like a sausage or something.

So this is the caffeine cream. I have a nice amount of 16 ounces, and it looks like that it smells like root beer.

I haven’t had a soda in like, years ever since 2015. So definitely going on to three years, like I you know I have from time to time.

A chair wine flow from cookout /something like that. But, I haven’t my just been drinking soda continuously, in years.

So anyway this feels like root beer, and it just looks like that, it says anti, anti cellulite ferment grease burner, usage should be used after a shower.

Massage it in a circular motion, as my paper can be used to maximize, well for maximum absorption.

And yeah it helps you to achieve a flat belly, a coat, a sculptural figure free of stretch marks.

And accumulate in Greece now, as far as the stretch marks I don’t really care, if it takes it away or not.

But I do want to tone scull lose my belly, tone my thighs, tone my arms and stuff like that and lose some fat rows in the back.

But like I said I’m not in no rush. So yeah, that’s the caffeine cream, again I’ll be demonstrating it.

When I started out, I think my waist was like, 46 inches. I know my hips are like 65 like my butt in my hips and stuff.

Because, it takes up the whole tape measure so it’s like 65 67, my stomach was like 50 something almost 60.

So, like I said I will come back and do an update and tell you guys. I know the first time I use this, no lie.

I lost, I think an inch and a half off my stomach and one inch off my waist, but like I said I’ve also been working out and I just don’t have been eating better.

I don’t know if it was from this, but you know I just want to give it the benefit of doubt and make sure you know.

So I’m gonna come back into an update, like I said I just wanted to get the UM video up and show you guys, so a lot of people was asking on snapchat.

So this is just like, similar to saran wrap that’s just black, and if I run out it is I’m probably going to use saran wrap.

It’s supposed to be used twice a week, I used it the reason twice last week. Yeah, but I didn’t use it twice in one area.

I used it on my stomach one day, on my arms, and my thighs. The next day.

So, we’ll see how it goes, like I said I’ll come back and go up day, I’m gonna keep using this.

I already said myself, if this works for me. You know I’m going to continue to do it, I’m gonna purchase some more because this wasn’t to me.

But, I will purchase the caffeine cream again, and I will probably purchase this or just use saran wrap. But like I said if it works for me, I’m gonna stick with it and I’m gonna use it.

No swagger using it or if you decide to use it, stay hydrated while you have it going on while it’s processing.

It does get warm, it feels like a heating pad. It’s like a nice warm little massage sensation down there, but I was like who’s that I’m tingling.

So it does get a little bit warm, didn’t bother me too much. I just was laying there watching Law & Order SVU.

Somebody find me season 18 because, Hulu has 19 but I’m like yo I need 18 cuz I’m up to 17. So anyways, that’s a different story.

Just a warm tingling sensation stay hydrated, while you’re you should stay hydrated period with water.

But say how you’re hydrated during the process and stay hydrated, after the process because it is like a detox.

I think I have the notes that she sent me, grab the plastic wrap around, and two or three layers. I did about three, leave it on for one or two hours under two hours honey.

And extra comfort level it wasn’t too tight but I didn’t you know, suffocate myself I just wrapped it normally.

I mean it says, stay hydrated as I said; You can do this twice a week, and it helped lose, help you lose inches.

So it does cause sweating and detoxify you and help you lose weight.

I think that’s it, and you should also be eating clean during the process, and it is a means of permanent loss weight loss.

The next thing is a sauna miss, it is for working out it has a cell phone hold I’m gonna show you guys it.

Imma show you, I think demonstrating outside before I got the jump rope and go to the gym.

I just wrapped it up and I showed you that it has a foam slide and all that good stuff, and it is a neoprene vest, and it has a zipper for the boobies.

So the best I’d have seen that it does help to hold my boobies in place because it is a little fitting right there.

So yeah, and it does have a velcro strap. So as your wait in their tummy, you can just tighten it.

I think that is really convenient, and like I said it has a cell phone holder.

So this is it I think it is hand wash bubble, and it is like this nice pink color, I like pink.

And like I was saying it does have the zipper right here, and like I said you’ll see me putting it on, on my patio.

Getting ready to go to the gym, and work out. So looks like that up top and then the bottom has the velcro, and as you can see it has creases in it.

Because I have been using it, but it just has the velcro and if I can get to the other side.

It has the cell phone holder right there it does fit my iPhone. I think, What do I have? Seven plus.

And it does fit that in there, most humble androids gonna fit in here. I guess be team Android I’m not playing nobody.

But I had big as tablet phones and I don’t know if they were fit in there, but this is the velcro strap is very sturdy. I’ve never had a problem with it.

I never had a problem with it coming too loose or anything like that. So yeah, you just stick it like that and you have a vest and that’s pretty much it.

I just used this one working out. I don’t put the, I don’t work out in the caffeine cream because I feel like, this little lights to have the caffeine cream.

And then the plastic wrap and then this vest over it like, I’m not trying to pass out on a treadmill, the elliptical bike nothing jump roping.

I’m just trying to live. So that’s that I’m so nervous, the next thing I feel like I mentioned everything about that,is this right here.

So a lot of people are actually about shapewear, and I’m not the shapewear type of girl, but from time to time. I will review it on my channel.

Because I’m curious to see how, some of it works and if it will be the sky. I mean my garments and stuff like that.

So I got this one and this is let me get the name, so I’ll be politically correct. So this is the full body shaper but the correct name is the, full body power slim shaper, body shaper.

The full body shaper is a compression garment that reduces your figure maintains a firm body at all times.

Great for underneath well, I just messed it up great for underneath everyday clothes or special occasions.

It offers good coverage controlling and reducing the waist back thighs entire tummy, materials offer perfect fit blah softness to the skin.

Breathable comfortable all right cool, it says is ideal to wear. to wear post surgical during the process of osing weight or to just amp up your body at any time.

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