Cute Trendy Plus Size Clothes

Hi friends, welcome back to my website! And today I will make a website plus size fashion and beauty, and about women break the plus size fashion rules.

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Cute Trendy Plus Size Clothes

I am very happy about this one, because I feel like when it comes to fashion. I have been on a long journey since I was a kid.

I am always on the heavier side, and because I am always heavy. I never thought I could look good or I could dress stylishly.

I just thought it was impossible for someone like me, because that’s how the case is. I guess you can see rediscovering myself and even though, you know I’m still on the heavier side.

I know that you don’t have to look at certain ways to dress well and feel about yourself, so in this website I give you five tips on how to always look stylish and how to look good, no matter what your size.

Tip number one! Sticks to neutral color. This may be a personal opinion but me think you can’t go wrong black because we all know Blackie Fleming.

I am very often like to wear all black and then layer on black and white different things, you Gray want to stick to the same color scheme and also types stick to one to two color.

Tip number two! It’s all about the different materials different cuts textures and and details, if you have for instance a top that has a certain detail that you like.

For example the spray top that I have it actually has like an x mark right, but like that detail will make someone’s eyes focus on that, versus maybe any other problem areas that you have.

And mixing and matching is always great because you can wear one solid color, but if you have on all black.

But then you throw on a leather jacket and let it really like it your one solid colored outfit more dimension, and it will just make it pop more.

Tip number three! Definitely like to buy affordable and inexpensive basics like t shirts and leggings, but you definitely want to splurge and spend a little bit more on layers and you want to layer on your outfit.

You think that I’ve learned is that layering makes a big difference on what your outfit looks like, and like switching key pieces around.

You can really turn an outfit from one look to another, you have to be careful when it comes to layering especially if you’re a bigger girl like me.

By wearing too many layers are laying it the wrong way you might look a little more bulky and add more, yeah! Basically more bulkiness to your outfit.

So my rule is if you would like to layer and make sure what you’re wearing underneath is very thin if it’s the hoodie, and you want to layer something on top and make sure the materials really spin and not too thick.

And then you can layer, you know your key pieces like a leather jacket, a denim jacket, a satin, coat anything that you want to layer on top.

So make sure the bulkier parts is on top versus inside, basic pieces you’re going to wear and tear through that, it’s okay that’s but not much more on it.

But for a leather jacket you definitely want that to last a long time, so definitely Fleur John a good quality coat jacket you name it, that way you can less.

Tip number four accessorize! Okay I told you layer is really important but I think accessories make a huge difference as well.

The four main things I typically focus on in my outfit and I incorporate into my outfit, are jewelry, purses, sunglasses, and hat.

Hats are huge especially, if you have like one of those summer hats on, you can be wearing just a simple hoodie or a black all black with the cardigan.

Will throw on a black hat and sunglasses and no one’s going to want to mess with you, switching it up a bit you can take a black cap, put it up with a black cap and have like a side purse and that’ll make your outfit look a lot more casual.

For jewelry statement necklaces are always great, right now I’m completely obsessed with chokers, so I will put a choker with any outfit.

I swear to God it completely, changes the outfit and makes it look so much cooler. Bulky watches, statement necklaces, statement earrings wherein accessorize the way you want to make sure it looks good together.

Lots amount leaves purses, I think two purses are essential four different type of looks. I love side purses on my casual day, or you can have a more structured purse.

Someone at Marshall’s and I’m like completely obsessed with it, but giving it a different unique shape will really add to your outfit.

We know how important shoes are for me. I think a key thing when it comes to shoes is unfilled. I personally like to wear heels because it makes me look taller.

And it will make you look longer and more slimmer if you can always opt to flats, and I think a key piece, everyone should have our white sneakers, and it really pops.

So sneakers ballet flats, but remember stick to neutral colors just to go with your neutral colors jeans, that’s basically.

That’s my five tips and actually have one more bonus tip, and that is just you know, your hair is makeup and your day’ll.

Now I’m not saying you need to do full on cake phase and your hair, but hours and hours on it cover your features.

You know if you have really big nice eyes, throw some mascara and some some eyeliner to really make it pop, if you feel like your lips are your favorite part of your face.

Put on a bold red lip color, putting on a bold red lipstick can make your outfit from just a casual out and about more like a really glam look.

And of course your nails and let me tell you, you’d be surprised how many people actually pay attention to your nails.

Clean them cut them shape them, you know just what you need, to get these suckers looking nice. And okey, now I will invite you all to talk about women violating plus size fashion rules.

So this week we are going to be breaking plus sized fashion rules, we are trying on clothes that Society has told us we shouldn’t wear.

Long time ago someone assembled a list of rules, that bind all plus size women and if we just abide by them people won’t be mean to us.

but that isn’t true people are mean to us anyway, so what’s the point don’t wear stripes, you can’t wear crop tops if you’re this size, no strapless dresses, not wearing white after Labor Day.

We’re supposed to be dressed in a way that’s flattering, and so all these rules are supposed to make us look flattering.

I hate the word flattering so much that I would rather wear a steel tampon, than hear this word again. I honestly think like a whole bunch of small white people in Europe made up fashion rules and now we’re supposed to go buy it.

So this week every day we’ll be having a new fashion challenge, I’m gonna push myself extra and to really like just full on show my body.

I think it’s actually gonna be like a little harder in practice because as much as I know in my heart, that these rules are nonsense, they still govern the world around us.

Each day is going to be very different, one day I’ll probably be loving life and the next day I’ll probably be hating it.

So basically I’ll be like my 13 year old self, this is the week that I’m going to conquer these fashion rules.

I’m wearing my crop top and high waisted pant outfits, and apparently I lost a lot of weight or at least that looks like you’ve lost a lotta weight.

So basically like all of me was covered except for like a little strip around the middle, it was like my Achilles stomach basically.

Definitely like confidence boot camp, has this been giving you anxiety all day, so the crop top and high waisted pants day wasn’t supposed to be that hard for me because I wear that often.

So I work very tight high waisted pants and I was not for it, I’m sure it’s one of those things that like I’m self conscious about, but no one else will say anything or notice.

I just set myself up here, I’m trying to be positive but it’s not working. I have no idea why we did crop tops and high waisted pants on the first day, because it was literally like hi welcome to hell! Here’s my stomach.

Day two is short shorts woof, here’s white shorts are dumb, number one. They’re pants but they don’t fulfill their whole obligation, they’re like pants that didn’t try hard enough now.

They’re short! I have always enjoyed like showing a little bit of like butt cheek in the back, but the problem is is it like you can’t show butt chicken her back without showing fresh cheek in the front.

I was really worried about chafing but that didn’t really happen, everything was comfortable. Well I had to shave my legs for like the first time in four months.

I think it’s it’s sexy because it’s like, not over the top blue bitch but it’s good footage. Yes I mean honestly like, I don’t mind it as long as I ignore everything happening in my southern hemisphere, it’s pretty good.

I always think about the inner tube around my middle and how it looks other people think about it, are you really like looking at someone’s problem areas all the time, and you’re hey out with them.

That’s weird! No one does that, this isn’t what I wanted to wear today and here I am look so good. I don’t know if it’s my like state of being right now.

So I think I look okay in it but, it’s not something that I’m like overly excited to wear. And nothing should ever be this tight, it does not feel good but it looks great.

People say I look hot, I don’t know? Someone call me Kim Kardashian. Feels very weird and to be in a body con dress and not be out with like 12 your sorority sisters in Vegas.

I remember going into the limited the adult limited because I was too big prolific, and there was a dress that had black and white horizontal stripes and my mom was like no, like you can’t wear that.

So I was like, I mean your dress. You should get it like last week, getting to reprogram myself with a a miracle and being newly opened me up to more credit card debt in the future, whenever I see something cute.

Normally I am not a very girly, feminine person so I decided to wear like this full on like lemons outfit. I had a lot going on there, but I loved it. I hate these pants, I feel like they make me look huge.

Actually looked like a real leopard running through the jungle like my ass is huge in them. I think I put more into it than I thought.

Relaxing outside think about bikinis when you’re sitting, your stomach shows so just getting comfortable work on you.

Know what if you’re like confident with your body you’re gonna exude that I was really happy, like once you step out of your house and something that you’re not confident in you’re like, and then people like feed you compliments or like say that they like it.

Know what if you like confidence in your body, you will emit that I am truly happy, like when you step out of your house and something that you are not confident like you are, and then people like giving you praise or likes to say that they like it.

Okay friend! Hopefully this article that I submit can help you all, especially in dealing with plus size women’s clothing and hopefully this article can help you all in the face of all the difficulties in dressing.

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