Cute Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

Hey guys! Welcome back to my website, I am slipping and all of my clothes right now and I’m gonna share with you all my pregnancy style secrets.

Cute Inexpensive Maternity Clothes

How to look chic and cute and like slave pregnancy, and I make new website every week on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, pregnancy, all kinds of different stuff.

So I have pulled out just about every piece of clothing that I have been wearing throughout my pregnancy, I’m into my third trimester now and, I kind of have it down pat.

My more dressy outfits, my casual outfits, my really like comfortable outfits and I can wear around the house.

And I have been getting so many questions from you guys to kind of break it down share with you my favorite pieces, how to put cute outfits together.

I think when it comes to being pregnant, you just don’t really feel like yourself at least I don’t I haven’t really felt like myself, so what does make me feel a lot better is dressing Q and getting dressed up and just having fun with my style.

I really love fashion just in general, so I didn’t know quite what to expect from pregnancy, how I was gonna like kind of dressing the bump? But I like it I really do, I like showing it I think it’s fun.

I think it’s easy to dress cute, if you know what to do and I’m gonna take all like guesswork out of it because getting dressed in the morning is difficult enough.

When you’re like I want to put something cutetogether but I just don’t know what to wear, I feel like I have all this stuf that like doesn’t look good.

So I’m gonna share with you guys some basic things that you should add to your wardrobe, so make sure you read this article carefully.

You would know that I have been pregnant throughout the fall, and the winter. So these are all kind of like cozy clothes, if you’re pregnant in the spring and summer.

I’m pregnant it will be during that time and I will be able to write articles for you then, but definitely check out my Instagram because we did go on a trip to Florida.

And I posted like a bunch of cute bikinis, and I do like a swimsuit try on haul and stuff like that.

So let’s talk about the cozy clothes so just a little tip before we even begin, I don’t really buy any maternity clothes. I wanted to be able to wear them throughout pregnancy.

When my stomach was small and then it got bigger and bigger, and they also want to be able to wear things after.

So I didn’t buy many like actual maternity items however, you can’t go wrong with getting a couple pairs of pants, that will help get you through just that are comfortable on the ability area.

So I do have a couple pants that I really recommend first of all, the aligned leggings from Lululemon. I have them on right now and I love them.

And my pregnancy essentials, I have them in a bunch of colors, but if you just want to get one the black pair is awesome they are the most comfortable leggings ever not maternity.

You can wear them before and after, but as far as actual maternity. I really love these pants it took me a while to find the right pair.

I would be able to style some really cute outfits, around a leather looking like a faux leather pant. So I I think I bought like two or three pairs and I finally found these at Pea in the pod.

I’ll link everything down below they are amazing, so the actual brand is P in the pod I have them in a size extra small, and this is what they look like.

So they have that faux leather on the front, but on the back they just look kind of like a knit kind of black pant, almost like a straight leg work pant material, but they feel like sweatpants on.

They are so comfortable, it does have the belly band so if it’s comfortable for you, you can wear that up high.

That’s what I usually do or you can just fold it over and wear underneath the belly, and you can dress these up and down.

I’m gonna show you guys tons of outfits in just a minute, I also have one pair of jeans that I really love these are Ingrid and Isabel.

I think we’re good Isabel but if they’re in line for Target, they can also be found at Nordstrom, but these jeans are so nice especially for Target.

I believe they were $25 maybe 24.95 something like that, I bought them and my regular size too they’re just called jeggings, I’ll try to find the exact ones but these have been so nice there are really pretty blue color.

They have just enough distressing, the ankle is like a frayed ankle I just think it’s really pretty, here’s what the back looks like.

It goes under the bump and then it has these two little panels, so I think that looks really cute, and I just love these.

I didn’t actually show many outfits with these cuz I figure if you just want to wear, jeans in a t shirt we all know how to do that, but having one nice pair of maternity jeans is really handy but you don’t have to spend a ton.

I feel like I’ve watched so many videos where everyone’s like I splurged on jeans, because I wear jeans all the time.

And like I got $200 jeans like, I did not want to buy 100 or $200 jeans that I was only gonna be able to wear for like a couple months.

I just got this 20 dollar pair and they are just as nice, and I like them during the beginning of my pregnancy, the first and second trimester it was a little bit warmer outside.

So I wore skirts more often, I found these really cute midi skirts at Zara Zara H&M forever 21 are great places to just find affordable pieces, and you can just buy them in bigger sizes.

Or maybe different styles that you normally would, and they’ll fit the bump perfectly. These little skirts looked so cute when my bump was still like tiny.

But it was like I wanted to start showing it off but it really wasn’t much there, I would just wear a little t shirt and tuck it into this and kind of pull this up over the bump.

And it looked so cute, you could wear it with tennis shoes, sandals boots whatever throw a jean jacket on top.

I really love these, so I guess that I found them at Zara. I just got them in my regular size small, they would still fit me right now it’s just way too cold to wear it.

So I got one in gray and black I’ll insert some photos moving onto shirts I did find a maternity shirt that I absolutely love the brand again is Ingrid and Isabel but I bought these from Nordstrom.

So I just have the plain white long-sleeve, and then I have the plain black long sleeve and they have the perfect neckline.

They’re very form fitting and flattering so they make it look, like you look slim everywhere else and just do little bump pops out, and it looks really cute, I really love how they fit around the bump.

I have normal like long sleeve shirts that, you know I would wear before and I wore them for a while but then when your bump gets really big, it can kind of look weird when this shirt just like flies off the end.

But if you have these actual shirts like this, they’re form fitting all the way down it just looks really smooth and I love the way that looks so I just got two, and I just rewire these.

And wash these all the time and of course I’ll wear my other t shirts too that I had before as well, the Nordstrom BP t shirts are really great and affordable.

I think these are like nineteen dollars, another staple top for me has been a form fitting turtleneck, it’s kind of in between a shirt and a sweater.

So you stay warm, it’s form-fitting again, so I found all of these at Zara it’s gonna be kind of hard to link these items for you guys, because I just buy them in store.

Like when I find that and that’s what I suggest to you just, look online Buy in store and take these ideas, and try to find things that would fit your lifestyle.

What you would like? But yeah, I will share where everything’s from so these are from Zara, just a plain black one, I got this like years ago and I’ve kept it it was like in the sale.

It’s a plain black and white turtleneck super cute, I had this little pink one and I just throw different sweaters, vests jackets on top with my leggings.

They’re really cute easy outfits, I also love oversized graphic tees, these looked really great before I had much of a bump, it kind of just smoothed over the area.

so no one could really tell in that first trimester but you’re not really showing yet, I have this one from pretty little thing, I love misguided boohoo for oversized shirts and they will say that they’re oversized.

So I just get like my normal size small, but because it’s like has turn fit to it you don’t have to size up, so those are my everyday basic essentials.

I think you can build really cute outfits around that, so I think I like put together a ton of outfits for you guys.

I want to share if you do have something where you have to get dressed up, maybe your shower, or a gender reveal or a party, it was just over the holidays. I had to find some cute clothes for dressing up.

I got a really cute New Year’s Eve dress. I’ve gotten some dresses that I wore on vacation, I also really have loved ASOS.

They have some great really affordable dresses to so this one, I don’t think this was maternity it was like 25 dollars. I just sized up to a six and it’s these mini dresses.

I got one in blue for our gender reveal, and then this one I wore on Christmas Eve $20.00 a little sweater dresses, and they were so cute and I can wear them.

So those are all of my basic essentials, let’s get going with the Elvis. Having the right accessories can really take leggings in a t shirt to the next level, and make it look super styled, and glam and really put together and chic.

So a couple things I recommend, having on hand, and being able to just throw on with any outfit for right now.

I obviously love hats and scarves, this one is really pretty it’s just like a faux fur stole, it really glams up any all black outfit and just look super chic.

Super into beanies as well there are just some days where, you don’t feel like doing your hair and super cute beanies can make, you just look so put together.

I love this leopard one, the faux fur pom pom this one’s kind of like a slouchy beanie, or a beret is really cute.

You could also do a bandana sometimes when I wear my hair up, I put a little bandana around it, and that looks really cute super affordable.

Of course! A really fun handbag something super glam, it doesn’t have to be design or just anything that you think makes you look glam, makes you feel glad, that you love wearing is gonna be really pretty.

I also love doing a little bit more of a bold lip going stronger with my makeup, and of course a brooch. I’ve talked about this brooch so many times, but this makes any outfit, any jacket, any sweater look.

So I love it, and all my jewelry I just keep right here I usually have it in like a jewelry box but this is just so much easier.

So I can easily switch my jewelry out every day, and it can totally change up my look, I can do something classic like dainty gold necklaces or something superfine like these gold star hoops.

So it’s very good and hopefully everything I have said from before can add to the knowledge for all of you, Thank you!

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