Big and Tall Urban Clothing

So the new year is coming in fast! and I want you to be the most stylish man you can be, next year period.

 Big and Tall Urban Clothing

Big and Tall Urban Clothing

Let’s make the TMS fam one of the most stylish ones next year, to the point that when people see you out in the street be like whoa, it’s a stylish guy right there. It must be part of the TMF family, let’s do it.

So in today’s we’re gonna go over some of the top men style trends for 2018. Seen by the major fashion houses, so make sure you keep an eye.

Out a lot of this stuff was seen during Paris Fashion Week in Milan faster both in street fashion, and on the runway.

So you can be rest assured, that a lot of fast fashion stores are going to be pumping it out next year.

If you want to be ahead of the curve, here are some of the top men’s style trends. You could start doing quick disclaimer, all of these are just trends.

I don’t make them so some of them, I agree with some of them, I don’t agree them. I’m just here to show you all the trends.

Number one! This one’s taking over by storms fanny packs and crossbody bags, this is basically the new backpack.

I was in Europe the other day in Paris, and literally everywhere I was looking there was guys with crossbody bags, and fanny packs across their chest rocking them left and right.

And some are basically a male purse with the crossbody bag, some are just a satchel that they’re wearing across their chest. Either way, it’s definitely trending.

And it’s definitely gonna pick up for the new year. Am I a fan of them? Not really, but I don’t make the triangle.

Number two is color block, as of recently a lot of the colors for spring and summer. Have been a lot of neutrals well now, a lot of color blocking was seen on the runway.

So it looks like vibrant colors are back for spring and summer especially seen on the runways of RAF Simmons.

Number three athletic wear! I don’t think this was a surprise, this has been on for a couple seasons now, and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon.

Brands like Adidas Nike or more are, all great for athletic wear. the only downside, it gets pricey if you are online shopping.

I strongly suggest you download the free extension called honey, it only takes two clicks to download, its unobtrusive.

So it won’t be popping up all the time what it does is it works on the backend. So when your online shopping for this stuff, it’s quickly looking for all the coupons online to see if there’s a coupon it can apply a check out.

It’ll automatically apply it, I check out without you having to do any work, and you just save tons of money.

So if you do a lot of online shopping you can potentially save. Time magazine calls honey, basically free Money.

So if you want to catch up with any of these trends, you’re probably going to be doing some shopping to revamp your wardrobe.

And if it’s online, you need to have honey on your browser like I said it’s completely free, and it’s the best way to save money online.

But tagging along with that athletic and athleisure where a lot of sports team rapping was seen on the streets of Milan and Paris.

So you’re seeing a lot of guys make aspects of sports team. Which makes sense a lot of athletes are becoming style icons themselves.

Which are influencing the culture like David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Russell Westbrook.

So therefore you’re seeing a surge of a lot of guys wrapping sports teams with their athletic wear. A good way to try this trend without investing too much into it, try something like socks.

I’ve seen athletic socks, that have NBA logos NFL whatever your sports team is that you can mix with your athletic or athleisure wear without having to invest too much money into it.

The fifth trend you’re seeing pick up a lot is loose tailoring, as if the wave wasn’t creeping up already a lot of loose trousers were seen on the runway of Milan in Paris Fashion Week.

Personally again I’m not a huge fan of them, I still stick to the tailored trouser, I feel it makes guys look better.

But they do seem to be making a very strong comeback, and I won’t be surprised one or two years from now, when that’s the north.

Number six! Black is back, not that black was ever gone or never unstylish but, you would never wear it during spring and summer. It’s just not the color of the season.

But now! It seems like it is, it was a trending color for the spring/summer collections for both vomit, and Alexander McQueen.

So you can expect to see a lot of black probably in your hmms and your Zara’s and your pack Suns, for the next couple of seasons.

And finally number seven a trend that I saw both on the runways, and on the streets of both Fashion Week’s, wearing all white head to toe.

Definitely not an easy look to pull off without looking like some sort of mobster. But it was prevalent and a lot of fashion designers had it on stage for next year’s collection.

So it’s pretty safe to say that that’s gonna be a popular color palette you’re gonna be seeing a lot during spring and summer, next year.

All right boy so that’s it for this week’s those are the top six trends. That I saw both on the street and the runways, of both Paris and Milan Fashion Week.

So that means next year those are probably gonna be trend. Good friend, from the top male style trend in 2018. Now I will explain to you about how to dress by adjusting our body size.

Gentlemen, the reality is that the majority of us were not born with Greek god bonds, perfect proportions.

If we were all six foot to 195 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal, we would have absolutely no need for this website.

The reality is much different than that we come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, from very tall very short.

Some dudes are super thin and some have a bit more to love. I got some great news for you, if you understand clothing your body, and how to integrate the two.

You can totally minimize some of your perceived negative attributes, maximize the positive for you to look altom utley, more amazing.

And so today I’d like to go over six difficult body types, and the style tips associated with making them look amazing.

Why are you a number one! Super skinny. So you’re a skinny guy, you need to dress in a manner that is going to add visual bulk, without being baggy.

You know how we always talk about dark colors make you look smaller, lighter colors actually make you look larger.

So if you’re super skinny wearing black and dark gray charcoal Navy, is that a good idea or you should not you should be gravitating towards the lighter shades, the brighter colors.

In terms of patterns you want to avoid big bold robust patterns, instead up for smaller tighter patterns, also horizontal stripes.

Are absolutely perfect for you, this shirt is a great example, it’s light, it’s bright the horizontal stripes make you look wider.

You need to make sure the collar fits you well, the one thing that makes us guy look super thin is when he’s wearing a shirt that has a huge collar, and there’s a big gap.

So your body type we’re going to talk about that stuff is the teddy bear, somebody who has a little more to love.

This shirt would be terrible, or subtle stripes are terrible for bigger dudes it makes you look larger and wider than you actually are instead up for vertical stripes, solids dark colors.

Because it’s going to make you look slimmer, or a nice tight pattern like a chat. Do not wear big, do not wear baggy, there is a big misconception that big guys can’t wear fitted clothing this is 100% unequivocally, and absolutely false.

For certain! I would recommend going dark colors Navy charcoal is perfect also peak lapel. Alright! Something a little bit wider, this is going to give you a better visual v taper.

The other thing that’s going to help with that is a lower stance. Stance is where that jacket buttons, the lower the better.

The third tough body type we’re going to talk about is one that I know, and not about, because I happen to fall into the category of a short dude.

Technically, if you are five foot eight or below as a dude you are considered short. But good news 30% of the population actually is sue not alone.

I actually reached out to my friend Peter Manning, for those of you have been around awhile, you know who Peter Manning is because I’ve done multiplevideos with him.

And for him, I said yo Peter. I want to do a video, I want to talk about short dudes will you send me some clothes he said absolutely, I be happy to helpand sponsor the video.

Peter was frustrated, he’s a short dude and he couldn’t go into a store and buy off the rack, and so he thought to himself he’s like yo there’s got to be a better way.

And so he actually created the line Peter Manning, which is specifically designed for guys under 5 footing.

The sizing system is brilliant IRRI one two three four or 2x or 4x, it is based on not only your height, but your weight.

I’m five foot six and a half, and 150 pounds. So I am a three jeans and pants and clothing that you find in the stores generally, the smallest inseam you’re going to be able to find is a thirty.

I’m not a thirty! I’m a twenty, eight the inseams go down to a twenty six and so when I first tried Peter man, and clothing on to be honest.

I almost cried, it was actually an emotional experience, because for those of you out there that are short you understand, how sort of painful.

And a little bit embarrassing it is, going shopping in your standard retail establishments you try stuff.

Even with like shirts suits for everything is big, because it’s all about proportions and clothing that you buy off the rack is a proportion for guys that are average height.

So I put on a dress shirt even if it fits in the chest and the shoulders, is super long. But when I put on a Peter Manning shirt, it was built for me.

The right length it’s not a bunch of bagging, because that’s the other thing when you’re short, you have a bunch of fabric.

That’s what the pants let me show you those, and the pants what are you kidding me. There’s not a lot of extra fabric down in the crotch making my legs look this short.

This is incredible the length these are 28 gentlemen, these pants are off the rack never does this happen. Peter Manning also now has suits.

Everything on this jacket is perfect off the rack the proportions are perfect. The sleeve length dynamite, the length of the jacket is amazing.

And here’s a deal you cannot shorten a jacket if you buy, it you can shorten the sleeves, you can change the way that it fits through the body. But you cannot shorten it.

Now I got the jacket and the pants as separates, but you can actually buy the matching jacket for the pants and pants for the jacket to make a suit.

I love Peter Manning so much it is ridiculous it is the first company that sort of understood, that we weren’t all built with off the rack bodies.

And okay guys, I hope all my explanations earlier can make you better in dressing.

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