Best Mens Workout Clothes

What’s up you guys! Welcome to the website today, we’re going to be talking about compression clothing.

Best Mens Workout Clothes

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about this topic, so I figured I’ll just make a website for you guys to hopefully, help you guys out and answer some of the questions that you guys have.

The first question is obviously, do I wear compression clothing? And I think it would be a little bit weird for me to make this website, if I did it.

So I do wear compression clothing but I don’t wear all the time, now I never actually wore any compression gear or anything, like my whole weight loss journey.

I didn’t wear it when I lost most of my weight, I didn’t wear it in the gym or anything like that.

I actually didn’t start wearing compression clothing or even think about wearing compression clothing, until I started doing Crossfit.

The reason being is because when you’re doing Crossfit, and when you’re doing that style of train just high intensity training like that right.

Because when I lost my way I was doing mainly like bodybuilding stuff, and I mean a good portion of it.

I was just doing cardio because I had no idea what I was doing, so I wasn’t doing like jumping, and running, and doing all this other stuff right.

So for me my skin, wasn’t really moving around too much and it wasn’t giving me too many issues, but when I started doing Crossfit I was running a lot more obviously you’re doing jump rope all the time.

So doing that jumping motion really kind of messes you up, I wasn’t using it at all until I started doing that style of training, and I remember my first workout when I when I went to CrossFit.

We had our first workout, we went on a run and then we had jump rope was part of the workout right.

And I remember when I was doing, I was like bit like there’s no way that I can continue doing this, if I don’t find a way to you know, hold him.

Hold my skin down because it was just, it was starting to kind of almost get painful and it would like move my shift my clothes around, like my boxers were falling down, and my pants were whirling down, it was just a mess, right.

So I’m really happy that I decided to give compression clothing a shot, and just think about maybe just trying it. Because I remember, I was kind of nervous honestly about just giving it a shot because like man that’s gonna be so tight on my body, like I was kind of worried about it.

But it was a really good decision and I’m glad that I did it, so question number two is obviously, What does compression clothing do for you? For personally, the main thing that it does is it pretty much just holds everything in place.

When I’m running jumping anything right, when I’m doing any sort of workout, it really holds everything in place and it just makes me feel a little bit more.

I guess like secure but it’s not even like I’m worried about, what other people see or if they see like my.

My man boots for lack of a better term like moving around or my belly moving around, but it’s just like out of comfort for when I’m working out.

I don’t have to readjust things, I don’t have to readjust my pants or my shirt all the time when I’m wearing this compression clothing.

So let me go ahead and show you guys kind of, like is this is gonna be kind of weird but, let me show you guys like a before and after so I’m gonna take my shirt off.

I’ll do like a jump test, and then I’ll put on one of my compression clothing, so again like I said, this is kind of weird.

So this is obviously, this is what I look like and so obviously you guys can see like I have the loose skin here.

And then something that I’ve always done that you guys have already probably already know this, but I’ve always kind of tucked.

My belly into my boxers right there right, but say if I had to do like jumping in a workout or something like that, If you guys can see that like, right! It moves, around a lot it really gets frustrating.

Especially if you’re wearing clothes or if you’re just like obviously hopefully you’re wearing clothes but, it just things move around more than you want them to and you have to constantly adjust and that gets really frustrating.

So this is the the compression clothes that I wear, I use Under Armour I’m not getting paid by Under Armour to say this but this, is important and I want you guys to understand this.

So this is a medium and this is a large, okay and normally I am a like medium or large in like shirts and t shirts, the shirt that I was wearing before is a large.

Now I remember! I bought the medium first and I was really happy with it but I was like thinking to myself man this is really tight.

Like this is it was owned like not uncomfortable. I was like maybe if I try a large, all it might work a little bit better and I’m gonna be honest with you guys.

Like you should definitely size down or just don’t go when you’re getting compression here, you want it to be really tight.

Just because it’s gonna hold that stuff in and you don’t want to be thinking about it, when you’re working out like when I’m wearing this, I’m not thinking about it at all. When I’m working out so, let me go ahead and put it on and I’ll show you guys.

This is what it looks like when it’s on, it really pushes everything down and just sets it in place, so if I were to look at it this is this kind of weird.

But if I did the jump test, if you guys you can see that it’s, it barely even moves at all. I remember the first time that I went on a run.

When I was wearing this compression gear and I literally like I was running with my brother Jean, and I told him like dude, “Why have I not been doing this sooner? And I just tried it on.

Because like it literally like I didn’t know what it felt like to run without either being really overweight right and your excess fat is kind of moving around and that’s uncomfortable.

Then when you lose the weight, you have that excess skin and, I remember it was just really uncomfortable to run. So that’s why I want to do any running, I would do like stairs for my cardio or whatever.

I remember when I the first time I wore this compression gear it literally like, I was just like. I was just really excited and I still like, I don’t know! It just really feels really nice to be able to run, and not worry about it at all.

So like I would definitely recommend if you’re thinking about it just give it a shot like I said, this under armour stuff that I wear is like, I think it’s like $15 for one of these, which I get like it’s kind of expensive.

But if you don’t want to buy too many, they’re really easy to wash so you can just you know wear it, wash it really fast, hang it up overnight.

And then you’ll be good, but I do want to show you guys the compression here, that I wear on my like on my lower half.

Let me show you my underwear, this is weird. Okay well, I really don’t know the best way to show you guys this but, so these are the the underwear that I wear or like.

I guess like kind of compression shorts but, they’re just Reebok like underwear now. I wear these most of the time but, if there is a workout where there is a good amount of running.

I do have a good my loose skin on my legs, like so if I’m if I know there’s going to be a lot of running in the workout.

These which are they’re like the 3/4 sleeve, or 3/4 like length pants and they just go a little bit lower, and they just I don’t have to worry about my legs at all.

I understand that some people do have a lot of loose skin on their arms, I don’t have to deal with that so I’ve never tried like the long sleeve but I’m assuming it would fit pretty.

I would go with like a medium or if you’re a large you know size down, same thing with the shirt but with the knees, I really like them because like I said, when I’m jumping there’s no movement at all, and it is so nice.

Especially when there’s a lot of running and I have to like, I don’t have to worry about my, the inner sides of my thighs kind of just like moving around and it’s a it’s a really nice, feeling it’s really, it’s hard to explain.

But yeah, it’s really hard to explain just how kind of freeing it is especially the first time you end up using compression garments, and it just it really does kind of open you up if you’ve really been nervous about running.

About like don’t doing high intensity training wearing compression stuff really has helped me a ton, and it’s really given me the opportunity.

You know! To try out different styles of workouts try out running and jumping and things like that it’s really giving me that option, and I’m really happy that I gave it a shot.

I know this website was all over the place I was trying to think of a better way to make it where I could show you guys everything that I was talking about, but I just couldn’t really think of it.

So hopefully this was able to answer some of your questions, you know the main question I get is compression here worth it, and I think 100% it’s at least worth giving it a shot to see if it will help you as much as it helps me.

Because like I said and I’m not sponsored by any of these companies that showed you, I wish that I was but I’m not like, they’ve been super helpful and I’m really happy that I gave it a shot.

Because I honestly don’t think I would be doing what I’m doing now, if I give compression gear shot and I didn’t even if I you know if I would have just thought to myself like, it’s not worth, it’s not going to help.

You know again the tips that I have, when you are ordering it make sure that you if you’re normally large to a medium, you know go to that medium size because you want it to be really tight, and that’s gonna be my biggest tip.

And you are one of the lucky people who have read these tips, because every time I will make tips I always check and make sure my tips come back, so that my tips are the best.

But again, I really hope that this website helped you guys out hope, it answers some of your questions about compression gear.

It’s really been helpful for me, so I love talking about it but again thank you guys so much because you already want to read this article.

And hopefully after you read this article, you can get more knowledge and can overcome all your problems about clothing. Thank you!

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