Best Black Friday Clothing Deals

Welcome back to the website today, we have one of my favorite website of the year, and that is a Black Friday sale website. So I’ve got some amazing deals for you guys to check out.

The reason this is one of my favorite times years because I get tons of new clothes, and I spend a lot of money on these different websites. So I’m gonna share with you everything that I’m gonna be copping this year some things that I’ve already copped.

Because the problem is right now that companies are trying to get their deals out before other companies. So Black Friday is starting on Tuesday now, it’s Black Friday week as Jacob star would say it.

So I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys some of my favorite things. Actually have some different deals from different websites. I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys my favorite things on the computer.

Also I had some companies that have sent some stuff for me to show you that I worked with last year. When I did the Black Friday when I was like a quarter of the size that I am now.

And so I get to show you guys the different things you can get from their website. What my favorite pieces are with the pieces in hand.

Best Black Friday Clothing Deals

And then also just some random websites like essence is having their biggest sale beer, which I’m gonna go over some of my favorite stuff.

Because I’ve already cop stuff this morning so now, let’s go ahead and get into it. So the first sell that I do want to hit up because this is probably one of the biggest sales as far as markdowns go for.

The different types of brands it is going to be a little bit more on that higher end expensive, and because of the fact that it’s such a big sale.

So on essence they sell different brands you know they have Gucci. They have fear of God they have off white. They have all of these different brands, and they’re having a huge sale they had one last year.

And so how this works is basically they just have up to 50% off it varies based on the items that you want. So what I’m gonna do is link the items down below, that I’m getting or that I’ve already gotten.

And you guys can go ahead and cop from there, now I’m already gonna say it the links that I’m using a referral link. So I make money when you guys make purchases. So I feel like it’s a win win situation.

And that’s why I like to share these different things with you, so I’m gonna share specific items that I like. Now I did already go ahead and buy something from off white and that’s just because I wanted to get something the off white, it’s not like crazy sales.

I think the shirt that I got was like maybe eighty dollars off or something like that, which is not bad. So I’ve been linking a few different options that I like down below just so you guys can use those links.

If you want to go ahead and get them because I want to be able to share them as well with you. So this is you sure that I got right here it is a white long sleeve it is not real shirt now.

I didn’t want to get too many t shirts because it is cold out, this specific one is 25% off. So it’s $325 before now it’s 244 and they do have free Express shipping.

And I wish essence was paying me to say that, but they do have free express shipping. So you get a little bit of good deal there, and I think it’s something because you don’t necessarily see off white on sale.

So you have like hoodies 452 dollars not too much off, this one’s 263 dollars and you have like phone cases different like that you can get a crewneck.

Now this per necks pretty cool right here 385 bucks that’s not bad 19% off, and so there’s a different variation. You can go with some off lights I’m gonna link some off light down below, because they have a majority of stuff that is on sale.

Another one that I wanted to link to you guys was the easy sale. So last year I bought the EZ CREP which while they just added some stuff all, because I was on here earlier and they didn’t have this stuff.

I see what it is there, this isn’t all the sale items and so they have some stuff for sale, but specifically the shoes now. I have the EZ CREP boots, they’re actually right here I’ve worn these.

So much and they’re on sale, I bought them on this day. Last year actually is the same price I think 33 percent off. So the shoes retail almost $600.

I paid the 35 percent off I think it was, it’s 30 percent off on here four hundred ten bucks free shipping so you can go ahead and grab those, or they have one of the season four season five combat boots 285 or $87 is not that bad for a easy season boot.

Because the quality is good on them, but this one right here I don’t have I don’t know how to sizing is there anything. The sizing is kind of weird on the different shoes.

But I do like the brown craft boots and I almost bought them, but I didn’t and so you guys gonna get those out link those down below as well.

Because I have so many deals that I wanna talk about this website. I don’t want to talk too much about this, I’m gonna say one more.

And then I’m gonna slink everything that I want to down below that I like so you guys can go ahead and cop from there. I’m gonna link different category, Alexander Wang and adidas Originals collab.

You know they have a few different things, I like this specifically this shirt right here 60 bucks, it is not bad. And you can just see it just has a little bit of Alexander wing design on it this is a little bit different for adidas.

60 bucks is not too bad, it’s on sale obviously and you know different things like these shoes. I like the high top version of these shoes better.

But that is a cool looking shoe, and then the last piece I’ll say that I like that I want to get is this one right here, it is this like coaches jacket or just like a pullover jacket, 180 bucks not bad at all.

I think they still have sizes on most of this they have a few sizes left, and so if you guys want to go ahead and see any of that stuff links will be down below.

So let’s go ahead and get to the next sale because I don’t want to talk too much about all these different things.

Next sale up is from HF LA and if you don’t know they’re the ones that make these track denim right here, you can see a little bit of distressing on them, they’ve got the track stripe there.

As well as they make these gray ones with black they have a few different colors, and I wanted to show you that specifically because they have a few different items that I want to talk about.

So those jeans specifically our 25% off and use my code H Neville 25 if you want to get that with Free Shipping. So I think that is an amazing deal if you didn’t want to spend too much on them.

You can get it for under 100 bucks shipped right now, what do you think is a great deal, and also like last year they have a care package.

So you can spend a certain amount and they get a certain amount of clothes in there that are worth a bigger amount. So they have two different boxes, the first one is a hundred twenty bucks.

And you’ll get six items day three hundred and sixty dollar values, care package has five items and that qu is a hoodie a jacket two shirts, and in a mystery item.

And so I do have some of this stuff from the box with me right now, because I wanted me to show you what you can get on the inside.

The jacket you can either get this HF la Bamba right here, as you can see nice black bomber which you guys have seen you had that before, or you can get this jacket right here.

I love this thing I’ve actually been wearing it a lot lately. I know the colors are they’re different from me, but it’s just a nice puffy jacket as you can see he’s got straps all over.

So that’s one of the jacket options, you know you got some shirts in here like this camo one. As you can see got, the camo sleeves zipped down, the middle here is a hoodie right here.

As you can see says hsla right there embroidered on the chest. I love that right there, and then we’ve got a few different things, you know a crewneck right here.

Now the crewneck is something that could come in the 70 dollar package, and then we have like a t shirt right here which is like the one that I’m wearing a lot.

This is a long sleeve tee, but open this up if you see right there, says H F LA on the front and then you’ve got nice little graphics on there some stuff on the sleeve.

And there’s just a bunch of different items that you can get, so like I said there’s five items tooling $120 box and then these $70 box. You get a value of 220 bucks and that includes a hoodie or a sweater.

And so you guys see you have the hoodie or you have the crewneck, and as well as you get two shirts in there, which is three total pieces for a value of 220 bucks.

So 70 dogs for 220, I did this deal for you guys last year where I showed you guys their care package that they do, and you guys rocked it and so many of you guys copped it.

And so hopefully this do you guys will go ahead and cop them stuff but if you don’t want a care package, again they’re gonna have 25% off the denim as well.

So I will link that down below and I’ll put my code down there as well. If you guys are curious about sizing for the denim or anything like that, most of these shirts.

I wear it extra large to like this show right here. I wear an extra large the denim I’m a size 30, and if I had to pick two of my favorite.

I would say the gray which is a it’s a skinnier taper if you have skinny legs like me, it is really good and if you don’t want a skinny but you still want a nice taper.

I would go for the red and black ones those are just another one of the pairs that I work. So much but overall, I will link everything down below. I’ll put all the information down below so you guys can see.

Next up for these fails is christos New York and you guys have probably heard about them on Instagram, they have a pretty decent following on there.

But I’ve never really shown them in my website, and so I have a few different styles, I want to talk about. so overall for their sale they have a 20% off the whole website sale which is B F 20.

But have a few different items. I want to talk about as well as I’m going to surf their website, and show you guys the things that I like.

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